How to Enhance the Bedroom Storage Space

Check how the bedroom can have more space and look more finely organized!

Most of us look for the dream bedroom, where we have a free space and lots of storage options, so that the piles of clothes and other items don’t spread here and there. Can you do a few things and increase the small area of the bedroom for better space? With us, you certain can! We have a complete post that will cover the smallest of ways that can go a long way and ensure the bedroom area looks much more organized and well maintained.


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Get a wardrobe rack: One of the best choices for a fussy bedroom owner is the wardrobe rack. You can hang a few clothes after you come back from work and take out the clothes ready to be taken for wash or even dry cleaning- the choice is yours. The simple metal or wooden wardrobe rack is not going to cost millions and doesn’t require a huge space.


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Get a tote bag: Do you have a spare tote bag? If not, you can get one! Yes, most of the times the bedroom appears to be quite disoriented because there are clothes around to be sent to the laundry. With a small or medium sized bag, all the items can be put inside and the room can look way better than you think.


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Get a big basket: All the pillows and cushions of the bed aren’t used except for the night, and spreading them around is not a good idea for any stylish home owner. For keeping the cushions and pillow together, the basket can be the right storage option and also add a lot of glam factor to the room.

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Get complete floor to ceiling cabinets: One of the best storage ideas for any room is the choice of floor to ceiling cabinets. These are obviously more of the customized solution and your carpenter will be the person creating these tall and narrow storage options. This is one of the good options for homes where the walls are idle and there’s a need to add new spaces of storage, more of the permanent nature. When you don’t have additional spaces, long cabinets can work perfectly.


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Opt for complete dressers: Small dressers are often extremely unworthy, mainly because you just place them in the center of the wall, and rest of the side spaces go wasted. To make most of the wall area of the dresser, it is best to look for models that cover the most area. This is not just a good way to keep the space in use, but elongated dressers can even make the area look bigger.


[Image – Rockefeller Partners Architects]

Get bed tables for storage:  The regular side table can be replaced easily with the side tables that come with drawers, much in the dresser style. When you need more space, the extra drawers can keep a lot of things, including the books, medicines, regular cosmetics and even the essentials of daily use. Of course, the top can be great for the lamps or flowers.


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Get a closet for the bedroom: While not common for most bedrooms, there are rooms where there is actually no space for storage due to lack of a closet. Now, you can use the idle wall of the bedroom or even a small corner to create a closet for the essentials. You don’t need a completely closed customized choice, but even some open hanging space with a wardrobe can be a good idea.

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Get more baskets and bins: We have mentioned how baskets can be of great use for storage in the house, including the bedroom. When the other costlier and customized choices seem out of reach, you can opt for smaller and medium sized basket, which work for all needs. From keeping a pair of free slippers to keep the toys of the kids in place, baskets can be an inexpensive and easy way to keep some things out of sight.


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Get more storage around the bed: Many times, the headboard seems to be an unwanted investment, and as such, you can use the area to create shelves, cabinets and lot more storage choices. Of course, you have to look for the cleanliness and style aspects of the house, but what is even more important is the balance with the house theme. This is mainly because open spaces with many things can look messy.


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Get complete built-in designs: When you have the budget and are designing the bedroom from the scratch, there are custom built designs that are worth paying for. Check for the designs and styles that have ample storage options, and more than often, you will find choices that are way unique and have dressers up to the ceiling. This will not just create a theme of its own, but will have a stylish appeal. Only thing to know is the fact that you cannot change this often.

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[Image – Feldman Architecture, Inc.]

Find beds with storage: For a small bedroom where nothing else seems to work, even the beds can be a wondrous storage option. Don’t be surprised to find some of the unique beds that come with drawers, where you can stack the books or even the shoes and other essentials. These beds don’t come in cheap, but if you opt for the wrought iron and metallic ones, you can find some decent budget choices.

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Get a special area for the accessories: Shoes and accessories are often the main things that cause chaos in the closet. You can look for a special area where you can shift these things and keep them out of the sight for better storage and organization. Apart from creating different cabinets and shelves in a moderate budget, you can also look for some of the unique designs where open dressers can be a good budget choice.

While the bedroom may seem to be a messy place when you are working and don’t have time to keep things in place, but a little care can go a long way!

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