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Enjoy a starry evening! – Some how-to’s

Some enchanting ideas on how to have a great starry, comfortable evening with minimal input.

No matter where we put up, we are always reminiscent of the memories of vacations, where being out until late is not just fun, it’s thrilling and exciting too. Remember the view of moonlight sparkling on the waves and the gleaming rocks glowing under the moon? Recreate that magic in your backyard, some ideas to help you do so:

1: Backyard date-night


[Image – Hsu McCullough]

Why go out when you can have the same fun in your backyard! Let the music flow, set the table up under the strings of lights and let candles do their magic. Get an inspiration from outdoor furniture ideas for making the perfect arrangement. To enjoy star gazing, start a bit later than you usually eat in.

2: Fire magic


[Image – B. Jane Gardens]

A fire is an ultimate cozy thing. It is one of those primal pleasures, which never fail to relax you. Build up a cozy ambience, have a stone made fireplace in the backyard and enjoy a night with friends, cookies and coffee.

3: Sunset gazing –


[Image – Mary Prince]

Another advantage being outdoors is that you get to see the sun set. In our fast paced lives today, there is no time to appreciate nature. But if one tries, one can gaze into a sunset even if one lives in the city. Just gather some wine or herbal tea, lounge around in your yard or terrace and don’t distract yourself with any music. Enjoying the sounds of nature is therapeutic. Get yourself a star chart and let the sunset leave place for a start gazing night. Bring along some cider or cocoa to keep warm.

4: Camping fun –

farmhouse-landscape (1)

[Image – B. Jane Gardens]

Your yard or terrace can be great fun too! Try to make zero trips back to the house and have a camp fire. If the weather allows, skip the tent and roll out the sleeping bags right beneath the stars. Have a black out for maximum effect!

5: Al-fresco dinner


[Image – Rauser Design]

It is very warm and comforting to have your diner around the glow of some oil lamps, old fashioned candles or fire pit. Host a small dinner with no electricity whatsoever, and if you start around the sunset with some lovely wine and nibbles, one can enjoy the entire night!

6: Porch out –


[Image – KuDa Photography]

The porch is a quiet place and one can enjoy a star – filled evening in the tranquil ambience this area provides. With the glow of lights on in the background, there is a perfect balance of light and dark, and you can put your feet up on the railing with your dog on your side. Enjoy the solitude!

7: Soak under the stars


[Image – Shannon Malone]

A bit adventurous and total luxury, having a tub dragged out under the stars, screen off the world using vines and climbers – read your favorite book while the warm water eases the tension out of you! A night time soak also means good sleep and the next morning is awesome too!

With things and errands and work running at a fast pace around us, there needs to be some time off, and you must be able to enjoy that peacefully. What’s better than having a nice time right where you live? That’s what homes are for. Treat yourself to this lovely time, pamper yourself without blowing up a fortune and be happy! Stars are the most romantic, and who would not want to share the beautiful scenery with their better halves.

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