Everything about Having Stainless Steel for the Kitchen Counter

stainless sink for transitional kitchen

Why have stainless steel for the kitchen counter- More ideas and views.

We have covered the most unique countertop materials for the kitchen in two of our posts, and this time we are going to scan deeper in the materials and find more one each choice. This time, the countertop choice discussed is stainless steel. Check to know more on pros, cons and maintenance.

Stainless steel is made of steel and chromium and is designed to be resistant to corrosion, something that works hugely in its favor. Generally, the countertops designed of stainless steel are glued to the surface, and there are plenty of choices in finishes. Most people like to have a brushed finish, but there are many patterns like smooth, satin, and mirrored and many more finishes to choose from.

stainless steel sink for transitional kitchen

(Image – Atmosphere Interior Design Inc)

Why choose stainless steel: If you are someone who works in the kitchen without any tension and care for the things around, stainless steel is the perfect choice for you. This is one of the many reasons that this remains the choice for counters in restaurants and public kitchens. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t stain and is perfect in terms of heat resistance, the durability is something to be proud off. Unless of extreme low quality, stainless steel counters can last for decades, and not to forget, there is always an option of stainless steel sink for a uniform look.

What goes against it: Unlike many other stones and materials for kitchen counters, stainless steel is prone to scratches and watermarks. You might find yourself cleaning the counter every time when you find fingerprints, and dents are something that can be found regularly.

How to maintain: Simply clean with detergent or liquid soap with a sponge or use a mixture of vinegar and water mixed together.

Bottom line: Perfect for duration but not for perfectionists!

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