Exclusive Mountain Eco Resort in Stunning Switzerland

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Stunning eco resort named The WhitePod Alpine in the Swiss Alps of astonishing Switzerland featuring 15 pods.

The WhitePod Alpine is the perfect eco resort located at a height of 5,500 feet in Swiss Alps. Being one of the most eye-catching creations in the hills, the entire resort acts more like a natural habitat with modern pleasures rather than a concrete structure. The camp features well designed fifteen dome pods, all designed around a traditional wooden chalet in the center. Each of the pods has been designed with the extreme snow and cold in mind and features a solid wooden platform for essential protection. The geodesic shapes of the pods make them look like igloos in the contemporary style.

Exclusive Mountain Eco Resort

All the fifteen pods have been designed to offer the perfect mountain escapade in the Swiss Alps with all the essential modern amenities. Each pod has wood-burning stoves combined with fireplaces for essential warmth. Ideal for two people, the beds are designed with organic comfort bedding and additional armchairs. Since the space inside the pods is restricted due to the surroundings, the interiors are mostly in minimal materials with limited use of furniture. Most of the furniture elements are in

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