Feel-good-home Ideas: Appreciate the Beauty of Imperfect Home

No matter how long you have been living in your current house, but you will never get tired of thinking of ways to make it look as good as new, every single day.

If you are someone who enjoys surfing through the web in his or her free time, then you would have for once felt the need to redesign your entire house and make it look like what you see in the pictures. Although we may want to redo our homes every now and then, it does not mean that we cannot love it what it is today. You can also learn to appreciate your house as against those perfect glossy images that we see in a magazine every day. Here are some tricks to grow a new sense of admiration for your lovely space that you call home sweet home.

Adopt the Ancient Japanese Wabi-Sabi method


[Image – Marcus Gleysteen Architects]

The ancient philosophy of Japan that inculcates our love for imperfections and impermanence is called the Wabi-Sabi way of life. The Japanese sense beauty in wilting flowers or the cracks that run down the table are considered as a beautiful mark and not as something that is flawed.

Know what makes you Feel Good


[Image – Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.]

In order to enjoy true things in life, you have to unlearn someone else’s idea of beauty and appreciate the things that make you happy and good about yourself. There will be a colour on your wall that makes you feel instantly at home or a spot in your living room that you enjoy sitting in after a long, hard day at work. These are the simple feel good factors that make your house beautiful and special.

Arrange the places that need organizing


[Image – Innermost Cabinets]

Whenever you sense dissatisfaction creeping in inside of you with regards to your house, just take some time off and start organizing a small space. You can start with a kitchen counter or a drawer in the bedroom. Clean the place and edit and replace anything that is no longer of use. Be completely involved in the process to truly enjoy the whole process.

Capture the things that make you smile


[Image – Sarah & Bendrix]

If this is your day off and you are not sure how to use it constructively, then it is time to take your camera and seal all the moments and places in your house that make you break into a smile. This will make you understand the significance of the little things that make your house feel like home.

Explore your Kitchen


[Image – moment design + productions, LLC]

If you use your home to the hilt, you will realize the role that it plays in supporting your life. There is nothing like sharing your meals with your loved ones on a round table and discussing the events of the day. Use the power of food and its hearty aroma to connect with your home and your family.

Enjoy the commonplace humdrum

eclectic-kitchen (1)

[Image – Pour Toujours]

Designer spaces are coveted because they are beautiful. However, it does not mean that your cupboard filled with family photos or your main door with a handmade wind chime is any less stunning. It is the messy look of the house that makes us feel instantly at home. The warmth of all the things that we put there with our own bare hands and the little memories that are associated with every single item around the house is what makes it so mundane yet so special.

Thank your house in a journal


[Image – Kristen Rivoli Interior Design]

No matter how you record it, but you must make a habit of noting at least three things in your house that you are grateful for. It can be a safety that it gives or the comfort of its warmth or the rug that your father gifted to you. The point is to look around your home closely and acknowledge all the things you didn’t notice until now.

Charity begins at home


[Image – Dabito]

Although we may have heard a zillion times that the actual charity begins at home, only this time, it is the other way round. Rather giving something to your house, you need to give something away from your house to people who need it more than you. Donation is a righteous way to feel good about yourself and content with the things you have at home, which will now help someone else. You can donate a box of old books or clothes that you don’t wear anymore. However, altruism is based on the feeling of charity so if you want to give more, don’t hold yourself back.

 Get involved with a DIY project


[Image – Decordemon]

If you have always wanted a bright red wall in your room and haven’t had it yet, then it is time to paint that wall red. When you have successfully completed the project, you will feel much closer to your home emotionally and feel satisfied for doing something for it. There are so many tiny DIY projects that can keep you suitably occupied for a very long time.

Think of interesting ways to use your new space


[Image – Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance]

If you are on a tight budget but are now looking for interior design ideas and ways to improve the way your house looks, then instead of buying new things you can just move the furniture around. You can begin with your living room settings or swap two bedrooms completely. This simple small change will give your home an instant facelift.

Spend some time with your home


[Image – Feldman Architecture, Inc]

The best way to enjoy a peaceful time with your home and its cosiness is to take a media fast or what a modern day term is called ‘unplugging’. Turn off all your communication with the outside world and just revel in the comforts of your home and the loved ones to create a special bond.

We often forget that the one reason why we call home, sweet home is the very fact that eludes us when we are flipping through those interior design magazines. It is the little imperfections of that broken chair or that crude painting by your five-year-old is what makes home so cosy.

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