Feel-good-home Ideas: Put your feet up – unwinding at home with added comfort for the back

If your back and feet hurt, there is a perfect way to relax at home without making it worse. In fact, they will be in a better shape with these furniture ideas.

Ergonomics is a branch of science that makes the structure of things correct so that using them becomes easy and comfortable, in accordance with one’s body shape and structure. Using this principal, there is furniture, which is specially designed for added comfort without hurting the basic posture correctness. Many people find it difficult to unwind in their homes in comfort, despite the most expensive furniture items. See the following descriptions and pictorial inspirations for furniture ideas, which are more useful for comfort and postural rightness. Try them out in your home for the utmost comfort:

1: Comfort chair with footstool –

midcentury-living-room (Image- Lucy Call)

Chairs specially designed for correct spine alignment and the right heighted stool for the feet is a must have for the home. For making sure it is right for you, try the seat while it is still at the shop. Seat yourself and see if it works for you. Sometimes, there are adjusting knobs present in such chairs for allowing comfort for all members of the family.

2: Lounge chair and ottoman

modern-hall (Image – Peterssen/ Keller architecture)

This type of chair is ultra comfy and added to this is an ottoman. Covered in a lovely fabric, they are the ultimate comfort items. The lounge chairs can be pushed back at the seat for added comfort to the back. The ottoman is a multipurpose piece of furniture, which can also be used in other settings if not being used with a chair.

3: Recliner –

contemporary-living-room(Image – Kelly Taylor interior design)

These are ultra comfy chairs with a lot of soft padding, and the leg supports are foldable for a variety of seating options. The elbow rests are also padded and can be tilted at any angle. Considered ideal for movie viewing, these chairs are also great for a nice coffee when you are back from work. Also along with comfort, they enhance the interior décor of the room.

4: Chaise lounge –

transitional-living-room (1) (Image – Cynthia Lynn photography)

A single piece of furniture with no concealed or foldable parts, this is nearly like a sofa, but with the back fixed on the narrow end instead of the broad one like a couch and no handles. Sometimes there is a back attached but it is more for a decorative purpose than anything else. The lounger is generally fitted with very comfortable cushions and upholstered well for maximum comfort. This is an ideal pick if your area is a little open and there is no chance the lounger will choke it up because it looks bulky. Pick your chaise lounge carefully as there is no guarantee the bend, this type of chair has, will be properly shaped.

If your home is towards the smaller side, a simple armchair with a small stool is enough if put together. No need to go for space consuming furniture elements unless there is room for them. Choose comfortable chairs, not just some designer fancy piece on sale. The chairs are your comfort and unwinding zone when home, work it that way.

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