Feel-good-home Ideas: Tips to brighten your Closet

Create usable space in your closet by learning the technique of letting go of the things you don’t need any more.

We all have that emotional turmoil when we open our closet and feel smothered by the lack of space and yet feel paralyzed when we begin to sort things. As we go through the items, we realize that there is nothing we would like to part with, even if that shirt doesn’t see the light of day for the next one year! No matter how much we prepare ourselves mentally, it just seems impossible to throw away the clothing we haven’t used in ages and in all probability will not in the coming days or months. This is something we have all experienced so no need to worry; these tips will help you in getting rid of all the items that you have been holding on to for all these years.

Be conscious of the excuses you make


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Best way to fight a problem is to acknowledge that there is one. Start taking into account all the excuses you make when trying to do away with old clothes. We try to reason with ourselves by giving excuses like fashion always makes a comeback or I paid a fortune for that dress. Once you know what is holding you back, you would be able to act on it.

You can start by getting rid of 5 items or any number that you are comfortable with. You will be amazed to see how quickly you will be able to part with those items. Do that every day with one section of your closet.

Remove the clothes that you haven’t worn for ages

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It has been said many times that unless it’s a wedding dress or a cocktail gown, throw it away if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months. However, this is exactly what we are unable to do. It is much easier said than done.

There are many ways to know the clothes that you wear occasionally without pressurizing your memory. You can tag the clothes that you wore last in colour specific hangers or change their placement in the closet as you wear them. This will highlight the clothes that you wear and push the ones that you don’t in the back of the closet. Next time when you start sorting, that is the place you should look first!


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If you use a drawer for a closet, then this exercise may become slightly tedious as all the items crumpled at the bottom or in the corner somewhere are the things that you don’t normally wear. To know the items that you do wear, you can put colourful sticky notes and remove them as you use them. This is one the most useful storage ideas and will also help you in reorganizing your drawer and knowing the items that you use and the ones that you don’t.

Do the same thing with your seasonal clothing, as well. If you did not use it last winter’s or summers, then the chances are you won’t use them this time too.  So, instead of storing them, you can donate these clothes and make space for new ones.

Edit the Multiple Clothing


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If you have multiple types of the same style in different colours or same colour in different styles, it is time to edit the one that you have been storing all these years in a hope that you will fit into it next summer or the fitting is not that great. Toss them out and make 20% space available instantly.

Throw away the damaged clothes

Don’t keep holding on to the clothes that are torn or just need a little nip and tuck. If you didn’t get them fixed all these years, you won’t do it even now. It is time to wash and store these clothes in a box. Allow yourself a week to get these fixed or altered. If not, then these clothes must go.

Remove the fashion faux pas

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While some items can be considered timeless and vintage, there are some that are downright waste of space because they are never coming back into fashion again. It is also the best time to get rid of clothes that evoke bad or depressing memories like the one dress you got from your ex-husband. These clothes should be removed immediately. Don’t keep gifts from people you don’t like or the gifts that you got but didn’t quite like it that much. If your clothes still have the tag on, then you can either return them or dispatch them. Use the money to buy something you would actually use.

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If you have clothes stored all the way from the 80s or 90s, no matter how much you are attached to the retro fashion, they are never going to be so cool again. It is time to do away with the outrageous fashion of that era and make more space available at hand.

If you don’t have someone, who can guide you on what clothes to keep and what to throw away, then imagine wearing that dress and running into someone you have a crush on. If the idea repulses you, then the dress means nothing and can be discarded.


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You don’t have to be a fashionista to address your wardrobe. The idea of fashion or clothing is to be comfortable in what you wear. If there is anything that makes you feel otherwise is something that does not belong there. So, lighten the wardrobe and make space for new and exciting piece of clothing that will make you feel sexy and confident.

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