Fencing Designing Tips: Get Great Views with Stylish Fences


It has been said that to make good neighbours, you must install good fencing! The fences should be incorporated in such a way that it keeps the vistas and line of vision uninterrupted, without compromising on the boundary. The fences in these examples have been designed in such way that they allow spectacular views and still maintain security. Rather than using the inhibiting wood or stone fences, these modern constructions provide visual entrance into the outside space and help the people living on the other side of the fence to stay connected with the sprawling landscape.

Even, though most of the fences used in these examples have been customized as per the needs of the homeowners, there are many design ideas and options at various price points that can be used to achieve the same look. The idea is to space the vertical fences in such a way that they do not obstruct the vision. They have been kept at a distance from one another that allow the natural flora to grow into the fence and provide a covering. They can be strapped into the ground or set inside low walls. When they have been used artistically, they can complement the structural element and serve the purpose of beauty with functionality.


[Image: M Cohen and Sons]

In this image, the metal fencing has been installed like a wood post, which keeps the deer out of the property without blocking the view of the estate. The track of the fence sways with the design of the property, which blends beautifully with the surrounding.

contemporary-landscape (1)

[Image: Suzman Design Associates]

The reclaimed wood used in this fence has been cut to varied lengths for an undulating appearance. It has been set into the base of concrete or wood for stability and cost effectiveness. This open fence has an interesting design, which helps in creating a private space with a design element.

contemporary-landscape (2)

[Image: Suzman Design Associates]

One can also install an open fencing, which can be set into a low wall. This fence also provides a good view and a simple design, which goes well with the house.

contemporary-landscape (3)

[Image – Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.]

The sculptural quality of the fence in this image has been demonstrated through its curvaceous shape. The custom made fence is formulated with the help of non-corroding steel alloy blades that have been cut at an angle on top and set into a base of concrete 3 feet into the ground and spaced at 8 inches from one another.

contemporary-landscape (4)

[Image – Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.]

In this image, the missing horizontal support has been made up for with the help of 10 foot tall verticals that are not only a striking feature, but also provides ample security.


[Image: NIMMO American Studio for Progressive Architecture]

The spaced verticals used in this image provide a transparent view and reveal a specific feature of the landscape like in this case is a tree and an illuminated outline of the structure beyond the fence.


[Image: Polhemus Savery DaSilva]

The wide fence in this image has been set into a flower bed, which separates the pool area and yet provides privacy through the natural shrubbery.


[Image: Randy Thueme Design Inc.  – Landscape Architecture]

The bubble infused acrylic posts used as open vertical fencing are not just unique in design but also playful in appearance. The pool is surrounded by a fence to provide an open view and safety.


[Image: Cultivate Landscape Design]

Contrary to the popular belief, it is not necessary that all the fencing materials will be expensive. In this image, the short border fence has been made using the lumberyard wood, which is cost effective and easy to install.

contemporary-landscape (5)

[Image – Debora Carl Landscape Design]

In this image, a solid wall has been left open to make space for a fence. The verticals have been spaced aptly with these metal rods. The border plants inside and outside the fence create a natural connection between the two spots.

contemporary-landscape (6)

[Image: WA Design]

The stainless steel rods that have been set 1/8 inch apart from each other and into an invisible base create an undulating screen. The idea behind this fence is mainly structural but is adaptable for other settings, as well.

Fence has been used for ages to create privacy and blend in the décor of the house with the outside. However, the novel and interesting design ideas can bring in a lot of character and help you bind the indoors with the natural landscape without fearing security of your children or pets.

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