Fighting the 4 Biggest Problems While De-cluttering


It may seem like the toughest thing to do when you have to let go of your favorite stuff. But doing so puts you more in control of the situation.

The biggest challenge that one faces when they begin the mission to de-clutter their homes is the conflict between brain and heart. While your head says get rid of these things and at the same time, your heart wants to hold on to these memories for eternity. This is what makes the whole job a lot trickier than it actually is. We always know what to do with the things that have been living with us uselessly for years but do we really want to do what we should?

The whole process of parting with all the things you hold dear or rummaging through a chest to find something that brings back memories is always a painful experience. To avoid being propelled in this situation, we avoid de-cluttering altogether. This is just one of the many reasons why people hold on to old stuff and don’t throw it away. Here are some reasons that you can relate to every time you try to get rid of old stuff and the things you can do to move on.

It holds a sentimental value


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There are so many things that we receive as a last gift from someone we love. These things hold a special place in our hearts because they were given at a special time. While these vintage gifts may sometimes be a prized possession, however, there are also times when you hold on to them because it is too hard to just throw them away. There is always a better way to remember the people you love and not just by stacking their old gifts that long lost its significance in terms of functionality.

It is a gift and it means a Lot

Gifts are things that people give out of love and affection to you. However, it is up to you how you want to use it wisely. If it does not serve any purpose or have no value addition, then you will be better off to pass it on to someone who has. It is far more valuable to put that thing to use or donate it to charity than keeping it tucked away in the darkest corners of your attic. If you think it does not serve your purpose, kill the guilt and give it to someone who can use it effectively.

You think you might just need it in the future

This one often happens when we buy more than we can use. Overstocking consumable or furniture can leave you stuffed with things that you can’t possibly throw away but can’t make space for either. The worst feeling is when you don’t know what the utility of the item is, but you still keep it thinking that you are going to need it for sure. This is when you need to remind yourself that if you didn’t need it until now; chances are it is possible to live without it.

When the things you buy are too expensive


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This is by far the biggest of all these problems. Sometimes we end up buying expensive things only to learn that they were a sheer waste of money! The next best alternative, in this case, will be to sell it at unreasonable prices which hurt all the more as it makes you realize your glaring mistake. However, the best and simplest solution of this whole episode is to give the thing away. It is funny how when you learn to selflessly give things away, you gain much greater control on yourself and your spending.

At the end of day, this is what it is all about, taking full control of your home in such a way that you can be the master of your home’s organization and not a slave to your possessions. Minimalism is not about living frugally. It is about being able to live sensibly keeping only those things as are deemed necessary for a household.

Minimalism is all about living with the things you love and not keep anything that you cannot maintain effortlessly. It is all about creating a home that you crave for and keeping it sorted for not only yourself but also for your family.

You need to realize that the organization of home is not only to do with the cleanliness and hygiene but also the psychology. The cleaner and organized your home, the easier it will be for you to sort your life, as well. It is all about removing and editing the things that no longer meet its purpose and keep a practical outlook on things.

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