Fioravanti Poolhouse in Prato, Italy, by MDU Architects

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Fioravanti Poolhouse situated in Prato, Italy, by MDU Architects offering stunning views of a river valley, with architecture consisting of stone blocks and iron pillars.

MDU Architects have projects that are worth boasting, and this stunning house by them featuring a large pool is certainly beautiful and stunning. Completed in the year 2007, this house is located in Prato, Italy. The main structure of the house is all about the old style but in a modern way. What gives the house a complete new feeling is the incredible views of the Bisenzio River’s valley with numerous fields, bushy areas and olive-groves around. The design studio has tried best to make the most of the view with the entire house structure designed in stone and likeable iron pillars.

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The main work worth praising is the maintenance of landscape, and it seems that the house is just a part of the entire setting. The swimming pool and the lane leading to the house are designed in Cardoso marble, while the setting of the pool is higher than other portions of the house. The frontal portion of the house on the north has been designed in stone blocks and ends in a wooded area meant for views. The rest of the house features slim iron pillars along with iron frames with walls in a glazed finish.

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In the interiors, the design studio has focused on use of varied kinds of materials, but the use of wooden planks in flooring deserves a special mention. The living area is large and features modern style furniture along with large glass portions to offer views of the surroundings from almost every corner. Apart from a regular list of ceiling lights, the designers have also used sophisticated pendant lights for better look at night. It is also nice to see a large balcony, offering the perfect space to relax.

Photos by: Pietro Savorelli

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