First Crescent Vacation House in South Africa by SAOTA

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Beautifully positioned First Crescent Vacation House in Campus Bay, South Africa designed by SAOTA with exquisite views and interiors.

Vacation rentals are often too much likeable, and this stunning house named First Crescent is all about luxury and style. Positioned in Campus Bay, South Africa, the house has seven bedrooms for guests and has been designed by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, which is well known design studio in Cape Town. The entire house offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Camps Bay from all sides and has numerous terraces, both covered and uncovered that are in sync with the living areas.

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Stunning and visually appealing, the house has large common areas apart from the guarded and private bedrooms that have large wall to wall and floor to ceiling glass panels, walls and windows. Each of the living space is exceedingly crystal clear, ensuring the views are open from every angle of the house. For the use of essentials, the house has cantilevers but the mix of elements is limited, which gives the house a very simple yet sophisticated feeling. Most parts of the exteriors are designed with ample open spaces and patios, with large spaces for a cozy walk around.

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The interiors are designed with equal passion with a lot of small detailing but not many themes. The house glows up perfectly by the night with a lot of stylish lights, pendant lamps, foot lights and free standing choices. What make this vacation rental worth staying are small pleasures in furniture and little luxuries in the bathroom. Keeping the theme of the house in white with matching pastel and soft textures, the design studio has worked wonders with every niche. If you are looking for a vacation that is more about fine living than heading places, this is just for you!

Photos courtesy of SAOTA

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