Flaunt your Kid’s Artwork with these 8 Creative Clips

By using the creative clips and hangers, you can now flaunt the budding artist in your kids and inspire them to be more artistic.

It is a common sight to see our children’s artwork proudly adorning the refrigerator doors or any such spot that deserves its proud display. However, sadly, the disorganized way of showing off this art results in the clutter that becomes an eyesore after all the dust and dirt it accumulates. The best way to deal with this problem is to rotate this art from room to another and experiments with different places around the house.

The most novel way to handle this is by using clips that are readily available at a hardware store or shops for office supplies. You can use a gallery of these clips and easily switch art so that the new pieces get their moments of glory! Not to mention all the places in the house you can use as display boards! Here are some quick interior decoration ideas and tips to use these clips and hangers for displaying your child’s budding creative edge.


[Image: Clean Design]

Just like magnets, clips keep your art secure and safe from damage. You do have to do some upfront work like installing a rod to attach clips to, although it is just a one-time thing. By installing these lines or rods, you can get a no fuss display that appears orderly. Use these pieces of artwork around the places where they are most and least expected, like playrooms and entryway, respectively.

Substitute Picture Rails with boards


[Image: Maison Fine Homes & Interior Design]

Instead of using the good old picture rails, you can also consider attaching boards as per the height of the child. You can color them same as that of the wall and place the clips at equidistance to create order amongst varied arts. With the lower height of the board, you still have enough room to display family photos and other fine art.

Make use of office supplies


[Image: Bright Bold and Beautiful]

Use binder clips to attach artwork to a pegboard. You can either nail them or pin them for a fuss free display.

Curtain Wire


[Image: 22 Interiors]

Curtain wires are so low maintenance and so helpful for this purpose. Use curtain hooks and clips on these wires to hang art. In this image, a garage has been transformed into a playroom where the art adorns the walls through these 4 curtain wires. The wires are made of stainless steel that automatically blends in with the industrial feel of the garage. Also, a large graphic art has been placed in between the wires to bind the look together.


[Image: mollieQUINN Red Rooms for Baby & Kids]

In this room for a toddler, the curtain wires have been placed about the art activity table that makes it an ideal display of the fresh work.

Hang them using Curtain Rods


[Image: Etch Design Lab]

This room has been designed using the astronomy theme and the thin curtain rods have been installed with lightweight ones to display art according to its magnitude. The artwork and the white pails used to hold supplies are a sharp contrast to the walls and in a way represent the sky.


[Image: Olsen Studios]

By using the rods instead of wires, you take the seriousness of the display to another level. Their metallic shades act as a sharp contrast against the white walls and also enhances the use of dark wood tones in the boy’s bedroom.

Put the Clipboards together


When you install all the art on similar sized clipboards, it creates a sense of uniformity and makes an ideal gallery on the space above the stairwell. If you have a lot of vertical pieces, then clipboards will work perfectly well for the show.

To add some splash of color, you can try the bright ones made of acrylic.

The good old clothespin

traditional-kids (1)

[Image: Design Elements]

Pair the clothespin made of wood with twine chords to hang the artwork. It is one of the easiest DIYs for your kid’s playroom.


[Image: Jute Interior Design]

You can also use the jump rope that comes with wooden handles for display. Attach clothespins to the rope for hanging the pieces of art. The weave on the rope matches that of the baskets in the room and enhances the plush rug while adding texture to the whole scheme. The best thing about the room is that it never once loses the playfulness of a child’s room.

Clothes hanger for artwork hanging


[Image: Sarah Greenman]

Use clothes hangers for grouping the art together and to get that gallery impact on the wall. You can hang this anywhere, even on the doorknob, so far as it does justice.

Make the clothespin personalized


[Image: Margot Hartford Photography]

These clothespins have been personalized with mini blackboard slates and together spell the name of the artist in her room.


[Image: Sarah Greenman]

It is better to be serious about the display of your children’s artwork and maintain the rotating schedule so that they are inspired to create new and fresh pieces every now and then to get that coveted space on the wall! A clipped gallery is also a fun way to introduce a quirky element to your home’s décor.

traditional-kids (2)

[Image: murphlee26]

The clothespin can also be lettered or numbered for the kids to pick up a new thing every time they want to use the wire to hang their art.

contemporary-kids (1)

If you are also looking to your give your kid’s creation a fresh display, then it is better to use clips. This cozy den has been decorated with wires, and loud art has been displayed which makes the whole room appear more bonded as in family ties. One of the strings has been fastened at the eye level for kids and one for the adults. Use any room of the house to display the fine pieces of your child’s art and inspire them to get better at it!

Your children, when in their formative years, crave positive attention to do good work and excel in whatever they do. This is when you can use their penchant for art as proud pieces of work so that they can feel good about their work done and do not feel that their art is being neglected by being on a dusty fridge door.

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