Functional and advanced bathtubs from Teuco

duralight bathtub outline

Bathtubs from Teuco designed with exclusive ideas to craft a world of endless possibilities with features that are customizable as per needs of the space.

Teuco is an internationally acclaimed design company that has been focusing on analyzing trends and making the most of technology. Each product from the company pushes the bar of quality standards, making the company one of the best in its industry.

duralight bathtub outline

This is a unique bathtub designed of Duralight® and features Hydroline, which is an invisible whirlpool considered to be one of its kind. Designed by Carlo Colombo, the design mainly works for its simplicity that comes from its backlit slits. The product is available in a number of panel colors to suit the needs of modern bathrooms, while there are many dimension options for adjusting the product for size.

bathtub seaside

The new Seaside bathtub is the finest product from Teuco designed with an intention of offering the most advanced bathtub for the modern living room. Conceived and designed by Giovanna Talocci, the product features a jet blower that generates bubbles for that relaxing feel. The design also features a small waterfall and soft cushions for making the product totally exclusive in terms of luxury and appeal. What works for the design is the use of mood lighting that brings a lot of emotions to the living room area, turning it into a space of rejuvenation.

bathtub sorgente

Sorgente is large bathtub that is designed for use of more than one person. Designed to be a traditional bath and modern bath at the same time, the product is more like a swimming pool with exclusive features for maximum feel and leisure. The product features an automatic water filling system, which makes it more like an automated machine. The covering of the bathtub can be customized as per requirements and specifications.

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