Furniture Arranging Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Instantly Bigger

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Most people desire to have their living space be a comfortable place of retreat. After all, a home is a spot for families and friends to enjoy and a place of reprieve from the daily stresses of work and life. If you are looking to make your living space feel bigger, the good news is that it’s probably easier than you think. Keep these tricks in mind to create a more inviting, relaxed and bigger living space in no time.

Introduce some light

Let in as much natural light as possible and where feasible, ditch the curtains. This will allow your eye to see directly to the outside giving the impression of more space. Try not to rely on overhead light fixtures as they pool the light to one spot. Instead, have several lamps with soft lighting positioned around the room, as doing so will naturally draw the eye around the entire space and make it feel bigger.

Think about the size

Choose sleek furniture and avoid heavy, weighted pieces. A sleek sofa will give you just as much sitting space as a big, bulky sofa will. Also, choose low furniture or furniture with open legs. By default, low furniture gives more space above thus making a room look much bigger.

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Furniture that is leggy will allow more natural light to flow around the room and give the space a more open and spacious feel. You can find excellent examples of how this effect can be created by browsing the show home furniture from Emblem.

Add some movement

Emphasize the vertical features of a room by adding an oversized, vertical mirror to a space to help reflect more light back into the room. In the places you do need fabric or curtains, choose breezy fabrics with light colors, as the aim is to create a sense of movement. The eye should be led and travel around the room in an intentional and orderly fashion. The last thing you want your living space to feel like is that you are sitting in a jumbled mess of a giant traffic jam.

Keep the color light

All interior designers will agree that going with light colors is the best way to achieve a bigger space visually. Yes, darker colors can feel cozy, but they can also give the illusion of less space. Choose light colors such as various white tones that will reflect and multiply light, as opposed to dark colors that will absorb it.

Make some space

One of the cheapest and simplest ways to make a space feel instantly better and bigger is to clear the clutter. It is way too easy for stuff to pile up in one location and spill over to other areas so have one designated “drop off” area for keys, purses, mail and miscellaneous items. Once that space has been designated, it’s essential to keep it tidy. Think about the décor of your rooms – is there really any need to have all of your art pieces on display? Are your shelves full of ornaments? Pinpointing these cluttered areas and ridding them of the non-essentials will immediately make a massive difference to the area.

While we’d all like to have a big enough house where space isn’t a big issue, it’s not always possible. But, with just a few small touches, creating a home that feels much more spacious is within your reach so don’t think that you cannot create a bigger, brighter and more roomy home for you and your family to enjoy.

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