Gallery Kitchens make your dream kitchen come to life!

augusta baltimore kitchen

Love your kitchen, give it a life with its own existence and personality that varies from timeless, modern, contemporary, traditional, linear to purist.

People with fine tastes; never settle for anything less and why they should when they can get their dream kitchens designed keeping in mind their love for best things. At Gallery, the kitchens have a heart and are central to the lives of their proud owners. There is something for everyone and in an instant you’ll fall in love with the range whether it’s traditional, modern, contemporary, and classic. With a little creativity and planning, you can refurbish your kitchen space into a haven you will cherish all day long for years to come.

boston white modern kitchen

dakota modern kitchen

Sometimes simple and minimalistic designs steal the show and to prove that, the Modern range offers irresistibly stylish and uber sleek designs. The clean lines, square chrome handles and stardust worktop of the Dakota/Westport White Kitchen, combine to create a desirably modern look that is clutter free, elegant and seamlessly blends with the flow of your house and lifestyle.

portland shaker kitchen

georgia mezzo shaker kitchen

Shaker style kitchen cabinets feature clean, square lines with flat center panels and appeals to many. The mezzo color does the talking for this Georgia Mezzo Kitchen. The horizontal rails and vertical stiles with grooved pewtr D handles create a contemporary look which compliments the snow spray worktop and adds to its manifold.

stamford timeless kitchen

augusta baltimore kitchen

For a timeless look, all you need is little imagination clubbed with careful planning to create a design that will always be stunning, practical and efficient. The Augusta/Baltimore kitchen exudes elegance and classic charm credited to its Ivory and oak finish. Complementing the entire look is the chunky oak knob, pewtr effect handles and venice granite worktop.

matt dijon gloss ivory linear kitchen

matt dark olive-wood linear kitchen

You can design a seamless look for your kitchen with the Linear range. This New York Ivory Kitchen combines Combine sleek cupboards and drawer units to create a marvelous designer look. The doors and drawers have integrated handles and will open with the simplest of touch. Nevertheless, dramatic lights and full height cabinets add to the streamlined finish.

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