Get the best from your Hallway Space

Hallways can serve a much greater purpose than just empty spaces connecting rooms. Use these innovative ideas to get more from your hallways.

When you see your hallway, does it seem like it has a potential to do a lot more than just connecting rooms? If the answer to this question is a yes, then these simple interior design ideas and elements will help you boost the latent space, which has been wasted for all these years. The problem with passages is that they do not have a dedicated use of their own and are really a space that is being wasted. But in a small house, every inch counts. But before you go making all those changes and taking up weekend DIY project hallway, be sure to limit the use of the storage no more than 36 inches in width so that you can still easily use it for its core purpose, which is to pass from one room to another without discomfort.

Make a Library out of your hallway


[Image: nArchitects]

Storing a collection of books in your hallway makes for a great storage space and also provides easy perusing while you are moving around. You can take your pick from simple designs that are readily available or also get a custom solution to complement your décor. Bookshelves are perhaps the safest and the most flexible form of upgrade for your hallway. If you want one that is customized to your home’s design, then you would need to hire a specialist, who does cabinetry to craft the bookcases ideal for your hallways.

Cabinets that are mounted on the wall


[Image: Maison Fine Homes & Interior Design]

Wall mounted storage are slim and still provide ample space to hold things out of the way and make for a neat cargo space. Unlike ceiling height cabinets, wall mounted ones are short and leave you enough room to hang your artwork on the wall and allow enough plain line of sight by preventing overcrowding of the space.

You can buy these cabinets off the shelf from local stores dedicated to home improvement and can be installed by either professionals or DIY. If you have an unusual design in the passage, then it is recommended to use a professional for custom styled units. Before you invest in the cabinet, make sure that you measure the area properly and also take the ergonomics into account such as door swinging or enough room to walk, etc.

Customize your hallways


[Image: HBF Plus Design]

If you have a hallway that has ventilation or windows, then you can plan a storage unit underneath or also use it as window seats. You can also insert the bookcases between windows and install light sconces to provide enough illumination to read. This can convert a boring hallway space into a welcoming spot for reading. However, before you make any permanent changes, check with the building code regarding movement or electrical fittings as you may require a permit.

Storage of Dishes for Design and Display


[Image: Rikki Snyder]

Installing a plate rack on the wall can serve as storage space for platters and also be used as design element for an empty hallway. These plate racks are available readily at the home improvement stores or can be built as per your design idea from the scratch by the carpenters. If you are attaching the rack to the wall by yourself, then you must locate the wall studs and ensure that the rack attaches to the stud in at least one spot. You can also seek advice of a professional hardware specialist if you cannot find a stud in the wall to attach the rack to. They can recommend some alternative solutions to this problem.

Do it Yourself

transitional-hall (1)

[Image: Lindsey Runyon Design]

You can easily get a lot of variety in shelves that can be mounted on the wall for a floating effect or bracket shelves for easy installation. Either ways, it is an easy DIY solution, which is not only an exciting project, but also cost saving.

Before you take to the wall, use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall and mark them with light pencil. You should attach shelf supports on at least each shelf so that stays fastened to its spot. You can also ask the hardware stores for anchors if you do not find the perfect fasteners for the wall studs.

Increase the storage of your clothes


[Image: Dijeau Poage Construction]

No matter how big our closets are, there is never enough space to store everything. If you are frustrated with overflowing wardrobes, then you can transform your hallways into closets so that you can augment your space. Customizing your passage into wardrobe storage can offer great help when it comes to organizing things.

Before you consider transforming your hallway into your closet, make sure that your storage needs and the hallway space complements one another. You must evaluate if you need complex system or small set of rods would be able to solve the problem. Whatever you choose, when the system is outfitted, make sure it looks attractive when on display.

contemporary-hall (1)

[Image: Aamodt / plumb architects]

In the last image, the storage was open, which can easily be accessed and offers a great activity for people that enjoy visual organization. However, this kind of storage will be a good idea only if your hallway gets less traffic. For areas that get immense footfall, you may consider closed storage for a neater look. In this image, the storage of the hallway has been increased with the help of closed cabinets. There is also a full length mirror that provides a great spot to check your outfits.

Store wines in the hallway niche


[Image: Sigmar]

In your hallway niche, you can place wine storage and store all your wine bottles into that niche, which has been exclusively carved for this purpose. You can buy ready-made racks from the market or measure the space carefully and get one custom made as per your need.

Work Space Dug into the Wall


[Image: Legacy Custom Homes, Inc.]

If your wall does not have a closet, then you may not be able to add a recessed desk into the wall of your passage. It is only if there is a closet that there will be enough hidden space to change it into a desk. Bring in a contractor and evaluate your options before you take this design element into account. If the hall has good width, then you would be able to add a desk without being fully dug into the wall.

transitional-hall (2)

[Image: Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc.]

The entryways or halls that get a lot of footfall are not such a great spots for built-in workspaces as they cannot only be distracting, but also cause discomfort in movement. However, if your hall is unusually wide, then you can consider this option. But the ideal place would be a hall that is right outside the kitchen or in the back of the house, which gets a least amount of traffic. In this image, the work unit has been concealed beside a hallway right outside the kitchen door, which offers a convenient space to work and storage above.

Hallways are a great way to experiment with additional storage and must be used more effectively than just being a connecting passage. Use these storage ideas and more to transform your halls into a useful space.

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