Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Get your home’s lighting system right!

Want to change the outlook of your house? Well, follow these formulas to add the right lighting systems in your abode…

Lighting is no rocket science, but it is all about art. Any house without lights will look dull and boring. The main key to brighten up a house and add some charm to it is by adding stunning lighting. You need to focus on certain portions of the house and add lighting accordingly. Here are some handy tricks that can help you out.

  1. How many do you require?


    Source: CORE Architects

Calculate how many lights you need according to the area. If your passage is quite wide and rectangular shaped, you need to fix lighting that is rectangular shaped in a certain pattern so that it spreads the light throughout like you can see in the image for kitchen lighting ideas. Here the kitchen is not too spread out or big, it is an average sized kitchen, which is why fewer and not too flashy spotlights are fixed. This adds elegance and provides light too in the area.

  1. Find the right spot:

    modern-kitchen (1)

    [Source: Bunker Workshop]

Now that you know how much light is required in the area, you need to find then a spot. You need to focus on the fact as to whether the lights need to be on the walls or ceiling. If you have found the right spot to place the lights, and you think this is more than sufficient for the room, you can leave it there. If you feel certain areas in the room seem dull, you can always add extra lights. If you want a clear idea of what we are referring to, the picture says it all. You can see how the big spotlights begin from the kitchen counter to the dining table. This trick works well when you are fixing dining room lighting ideas, and if your dining table is in sync with your kitchen.

  1. Utilise the dimming benefit


[Source: Best Builders ltd]

When you are upgrading the lighting in your bedroom, you need to make use of dim lights. Dimming kits have become a must-have in bedrooms as they add a cosy vibe to the entire room. If you are hunting for the best bedroom lighting ideas, you need to incorporate this in your final list. Dimmers give you a sense of control, and you can be flexible in using them. They also save energy plus increase the life of bulbs! In short, this is an artistic idea, which is cost effective at the same time. You can install dimmers right above the bed.


  1. Enhance the outdoor space


[Source: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects]

While you are working on the lighting of your entire abode, why not do something for the outdoor space too? Pick modern recessed lightings for the verandas or space outside your door. If you have huge balconies in every room, these lights will give a grand appearance to your lovely abode. Also, don’t forget to add focus lighting fixtures right outside the door. You can see exactly what we are talking about in the picture. Whether your house is small or big, this idea will give a new outlook to your home.

So, follow these 4 essential ideas if you want to get your lighting game right in your beautiful house. Recreate the theme of your house with the help of lights!

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