Getting a Cat Ready House – Things Before You Get a Cat

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Ideas on getting a home where you can enjoy the pleasure of having a cat for company.

In one of our previous posts, we have talked about you can have a home that is meant for dogs. If dogs are known for being the friend for life, cats are all about silence in the home. Cats have been home pets for centuries, and there are many people who like them over a dog as a cat would not actually bark all night along. However, before you get a kitty, the interior and house aspects are something that you consider. Here are some essential tips for a cat friendly home.

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Keep the scratches in mind: Unlike dogs who have a tendency to chew things, cats are more about scratching things. That’s one of the many reasons having a cat can be quite a challenge because they can easily climb from shelve or furniture to another without much trying. The best thing to do is to get things that your cat can scratch on easily. While some of the cats are quite good with the things given to them, others like exploring other furniture pieces. You can avoid the expensive furniture pieces in the living room or have them in covers to ensure that marks aren’t visible.

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Choose the right fabric for furniture: In terms of upholstery, silk and soft linens can tear down easily, and when you have a cat, you can best avoid them. Having a cat is a commitment for many years to come, and it is best to see that you choose the right material and fabrics. There are some modern fabric and upholstery that is used in the restaurants for being tough for long term use. Also, you can investment in more expensive options in fabric that is stain resistant and meant for being pet friendly.

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A place for the litter box: Dogs can be taken out for a long walk for ensuring they don’t poop inside, but for cats, a litter box is must. Keeping the smell in mind, you need to look for spaces that don’t cause trouble in air and is easy for the cat to access. No matter where you are placing it, the problem of smell is still going to bother you. If you have an attic or basement, you can choose to get the box there. As for other apartments, balconies and verandahs are good choices.

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Place for expensive things: Cats know how to climb, and most of the times, you won’t even realize how far they can go. If you have a good number of expensive things at home, it is best to keep them out of the common places. Dogs can be give a bed to sleep on and they like to stick here, but a cat always wants to explore, and don’t be surprised when you find him in the kitchen corner or on your favorite couch.

A cat loves attention and is lazier than a dog; no wonder it can love the pleasures of your home.

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