Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Getting Small Touches of Beauty in the Dining Area


Check the simplest ways to turn the dining space into something better!

We are too much concerned on how the dining area looks because we treat guests more than often around that area. While you may initially love the way the dining area looks, there are times when you grow out of it. Changing the entire concept and theme can call in for a huge investment, but how much does it take to change a small thing and make an appeal? In this post on the dining room, we talk of the most unique dining room interior ideas, something you and him can do together without any help.


[Image – Jane Lockhart Interior Design]

Choose a dark theme: Alright, this is not a small change that we were talking about, but the dining room area can look better with the low lights. You can have a wall painted on the dark theme or can choose a chest of drawers that comes in the more on the gray tones. The choices are yours, but the look is what a modern home demands.

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[Image – John F Buchan Homes]

Add a plant on one or two corners: Large house plants have a charm of their own, which is tough to be ignored. Most of the times, we have the dining table, chairs and probably a chandelier to complete the look, but addition of accessories often adds more value than you can think of. A large plant, which can even be the Christmas tree, can be excellent for some additional feel of air.


[Image – Life in the Fun Lane]

Consider a desk or a cabinet: Matching the current theme of the interiors, you can choose to add a desk or cabinet to the dining area. Sometimes like a chest or storage units with many drawers for the dining tools or often like desk that can hold a few essentials, there are options for every budget!

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[Image – Christopher Burns Interiors]

Design the chandelier: Let’s admit it that the chandeliers are often expensive investments, and it makes no sense to change and buy one every season. One of the simplest lighting ideas of getting a fresh look for the dining and chandelier is to use a garland of beads on the latter. If the lamp shades are small, you can opt for a bigger and vice versa, but when nothing else seems to work, the garland can be a smart option.


[Image – Dayna Katlin Interiors]
Get some silverware: Rather than designing the table with the essential kitchen dinner set, you can add a smart touch with some silverware or tea sets that come with a vintage shine. You don’t need to move them every time, especially when the dining table is big enough for the guests.


[Image – Urrutia Design] 

Get a bar counter: If you are looking for a bar area, you need to be careful because you don’t always want to go overboard with the idea. Having a small desk with the bar essentials can be a great idea and welcoming to the guests, but you have to ensure that things are balance. Place a few good bottles and some glasses that can snatch attention.

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[Image – Penza Bailey Architects]

A large tray with different things: When things around the table are organized on a nice tray, the look is worth a check. All that is needed is a large tray, and you are done with the basic things, including some items from the bar counter.

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[Image – Vendome Press]

Get the wall in art: Having an art collection in the same theme for the main wall of the dining room may seem to be expensive, but often it’s not. You don’t actually need to have the same sized frames but more than often it’s a mix that creates a better balance. Stylish and instantly additive, this can be a budget addition to the dining area.

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[Image – AMW Design Studio]

Get a set of plates to hang: Plates on the wall aren’t something new, but when you choose the idea for the dining room, the meaning translates to the needs of the space. Just like the art set we talked about, this too is about creating the right collection and sticking to the idea of drawing attention to the walls.

contemporary-dining-room (3)

[Image – Smith & Vansant Architects PC]

Get a table runner: One of the easiest and budget friendly options is to get a runner for the dining area and getting it designed with either candle sticks or something that catches attention. Table runners are easy to find, and most of the designs should be easy on the pocket for sure.


[Image – Frederick + Frederick Architects]

Get the back of shelves designed: In case, you have shelved furniture in the dining area, one of the best options is to look for changes in the backsplash of the shelves. This will not just create a good effect for the things on display but also adds instant touches of beauty to the overall area.


[Image – Vidabelo Interior Design]

Add an additional bench: There are days when the number of guests is more than what we can accommodate, and needless to mention, you need an alternative. The best option is to find a new side table that can fit in two or three extra chairs and keep the guests seated! Rather than having too many chairs for the new table, just add two matching chairs, and be done with it.

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[Image – YAWN design studio]

Get the dinnerware at display: Dining rooms can change the appearance with simple things, and there’s nothing that can be better than dinnerware to put on the display. If you already have display table or even shelves in the open style, you can do wonders with the way the tea-sets, dinnerware and plates are put to display.


[Image – Kathleen Burke Design]

Get more intimate lighting: Alright, you don’t want to change the lighting of the dining area as the costs may be on the higher side. However, it takes only a little investment to add two lamps or designer table lights that can set the mood right for a low light dinner. Perfect for the temperament oriented dining by the night, this can be an instant upgrade for the area.

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[Image – Zivkovic Connolly Architects]

Get a large centerpiece: From having a large plant, that you would otherwise have outside, on the table or even a large piece of designer item, there are many things that can be the center of attraction. All you need to do is to make sure the look doesn’t contradict the existing theme.

Designing your dining room for small things is often a matter of right ideas, and you can always get things in balance. These interior design ideas are some of the great options to breathe a new life in the dining room.

Happy designing!

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