Gorgeous and Stunning Liberty Villa in Thailand

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Striking and astonishing Liberty Villa in Thailand featuring six bedrooms, one pool and a private beach, offering panoramic views of the Andaman Sea.

Counted among the most luxurious villas located in Kamala headland, Phuket, Thailand, Liberty is all about amazing views and large rooms. Situated at a dramatic location of expensive ‘Millionaires Mile’, the villa offers panoramic views of the sea with interiors that any guest will be in awe of. There are six bedrooms in the villa with a pool, with each room facing the ocean from varied levels. All rooms are joined to other using marble staircases and elevators. This is a designer property that also includes a private man-made beach and a cosmic entertainment room; ensuring visitors are as much entertained as possible.

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On the exteriors, the splendid radiant pool has barbeque and bar for the perfect outdoor enjoyment. The views from the pool side is just amazing, no matter which portion of the area a guest is standing. The living area spreads to 13,000 sq feet and most of the portions are done in wood in terrazzo and teak finish. There are portions of ceiling and flooring that has been completed in wood, while some parts of the villa are in bright shades like red for perfect balanced modern living. The furniture is mostly in wood and modern elements, with most upholstery and fabrics in white.

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For the lighting, the Liberty Villa has ceiling and added light sources that highly enhance the beauty of the rooms. From the bedroom, it seems like the swimming pool is meeting the Andaman Sea with plenty of lush greenery around. There is also an open massage center where one can indulge in rejuvenation and pampering. Creative and truly tempting, this is one villa that every traveler would like to try for luxury and sprawling beauty.

Photos courtesy of Liberty

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