Gorgeous Golden Rays Villa 3 in Primošten, Croatia

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Golden Rays Villa 3 located in the picturesque town in Croatia named Primosten featuring three posh bedrooms with stunning exteriors and living area.

There are only a few resorts that can match the beauty and charm of the Golden Rays Villa 3 in style and location. Situated in the beautiful location of Primošten in Croatia, this is not a very large resort but has a sense of style and elegance that is hard to ignore. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms, each of them spacious enough to make the guests feel at the top of luxurious living. The floor area of the resort is 3,595 square feet and has an exotic exterior that offers panoramic views of the waters around.

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Apart from the stunning setting, the resort also offers amazing luxuries and amenities to the guests, making the property perfect for private getaways. There are well maintained and completely equipped kitchens, large enough for parties and small events. An open air fitness area combined with a steamy private sauna ensures the place has ample things to offer. Matching the surroundings are the interiors of each room having rich materials and fabrics in each room combined with steamy private sauna. The well contrasted natural wood floors look perfect with the sea setting and walls, while the staircases in the floating style are equally appealing.

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The extended wall windows offer exclusive views from every room, while the furniture choices match the needs of the interiors. From modern prices having designer upholstery to lavish wicker furniture for the exteriors, all elements are surprising and appealing. The lighting is most sourced with a lot of exciting lampshades in use. By the night, the resort turns into a complete extravagance with ample views and fine dining around. A must stay place by all means!

Photos courtesy of Paradizo Private Collection

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