Having a Bedroom in the Basement – Know What It Takes

traditional basement bedroom

The beautiful cozy idea of having basement bedroom with all the essential ideas and items in place.

More than often, people like making the most of their basement, and having a bedroom in basement is additionally there doesn’t hurt. Whether you like to have a home that has an extra bedroom or want your privacy in the basement, the idea is quite tempting. Take a look at some ideas that will help you understand the basement and have a better space for personal living.

contemporary basement bedroom 01

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The need of escape routes: The basement of any house has an inherent quality of not having the right kind of exit plan, which is essential when you are thinking of using the area actively. Before you start designing with the interiors, talk to the architect and ask of the escape routes that can be added. Keep in mind that the routes or options should be easy to use. The most banal and safe solution is to have a high window as that helps in getting light and can be used for exit, if ever needed.

contemporary basement bedroom 02

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Bed placement: The temperature of the walls in the basement change with weather and climate, and it makes sense to see that your bed is prone to the changes. You can either choose to place the bed either a few inches away from the walls or can use one of the interior walls if available.

contemporary basement bedroom 03

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Look for wall insulation: Basements essentially have the noise of the entire house, and the need for spending on insulation is just justified. It might cost you a few extra thousand dollars when you opt for the expensive and proven options, but once you shift in the bedroom, you will understand the actual value. After all, no one wants to sleep with disturbances!

contemporary basement bedroom 04

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Think of the floor carpets and rugs: The materials used in the basement bedroom needs to be chosen wisely. This is mainly because the level of humidity is often too high and can be damaging to the things on the floor. Also, you might need to consider the options for the flooring, something that doesn’t make and give the room a damp feeling. The choices are often dependent on the location and place, and therefore, an interior designer can help the best.

traditional basement bedroom

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Opt for expensive lighting: Basement bedroom need that extra boost of light, and for that you need to consider a little more of the expensive items. From using lamps that glow and keep the room warm to source lighting with LED lights and free standing lamps, there are plenty of choices that you can find for a budget.

traditional basement bedroom 02

(Image – Michael Abrams Limited)

Look for sophistication: Bedrooms always look better when you choose to splurge in luxury. The best thing to look for here is some sophistication. Basement bedrooms often have an issue of height, so adding more attractive things all around can be a good idea. You can look for some attractions on the walls or even on the ceiling or can simply choose expensive furniture and mattresses.
Have fun in decorating the unique spaces!

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