House Among Pines in Murcia, Spain by XPIRAL

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A unique home known as House Among Pines, located along a mountain in Murcia, Spain by XPIRAL in a sustainable design form.

Xpiral has designed some of the best modern and contemporary homes in their work profile, and the House Among Pines is truly one of the their best architectural works. Situated in the stunning location of Murcia, Spain, this home is not just about the design but is also about sustainable designing. There is extensive use of natural materials like stone, which is very common to the location along with a design that offers passive cooling.

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The best thing about the house is the work by Xpiral, which is more about daily living than just having a vacationing home. The power portion is inside the mountainous terrain and leads to the upper floor. The upper portion of the house is more a shape that is wedged to the rock and remains suspended to offer a space that is truly habitable.

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There is the central courtyard that is open enough to offer the maximum views but without diluting the needs for privacy. The walls of the central courtyard are designed specifically to be transparent to unite the entire area for after dark lighting. The entire constructive system has been done to filter the sunlight with mobile slats, and the windows are designed with A.S.K grilles for minimum leakage of air for complete heating and cooling. The main idea of the design is all about ensuring the basic temperature inside the house is stable.

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The front pool offers maximum addition to the visuals, while the forests around serve as the large garden. In spite of having a large area and many neighbors, the views are essentially simple and lead to the nature. Classy, modern and sustainable- all at the same time, and this is no short of an accomplishment!

Photos by: Juan de la Cruz Megías and Jesus Granada

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