How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

setting dining table

One of the most recent innovations in real estate sales is the rise of professional staging. We all know that earlier an agent would make a few suggestions as to how to best present your home for inspection. Today, staging consultants have taken this practice to a whole new level and turned it into an art form. Learning how to stage your own home on your own has become much easier because of the various resources available. There are specialized companies who are solely dedicated to making your home look its very best for the prospective buyers.

5 ways to stage your home for a quick sale:

  1. De-cluttering and depersonalizing: One of the most basic things that can be done to stage your home is to de-clutter and remove personal items from direct view. Ideally, when a prospective buyer inspects your home they tend to project their life into the home. This connect is what they want to feel on visiting and imagining what it’s like to be living there. Family photos, quirky memorabilia and Nana’s old teaspoon collection are things that are of significance to you, but not to a potential buyer. These simple things can be subtle barriers that disconnect your buyer’s imagination and set a dislike in motion that thoughtful staging can avoid.
  2. Minimal use of furniture: Removing unnecessary furniture creates a sense of space and opens up the rooms to make them appear larger than they actually are. Even rearranging furniture throughout the house is extremely useful. Getting proportions right makes a lot of difference when it comes to interior design and highlighting existing features. Placing large furniture in the bigger rooms and smaller furniture in the smaller rooms will keep the space balanced., an online estate agents can provide other helpful advice about staging furniture.
  3. Abundant lighting: Pulling back the curtains and turning on majority of the lights will have a positive impact upon the interest of the buyer. Homes that are brightly lit have a cheery, feel to them and nobody feels good about the prospect of shelling out good money for a home that seems gloomy and poorly lit.
  4. Clean out closets: This principle is so important that it can really seal the deal for you. Remove unnecessary clutter and create more space – this includes cleaning out closets, drawers and cupboards neat and tidy. People will look inside them, even if it is to check whether the doors swing smoothly and the drawers roll as they should. Remember anything you can do to create room for their dreams can only work in your favour.
  5. Set the table: If you have a dining table, be sure to set it. An empty table looks boring but a well-set table with a tasteful centrepiece adds colour and character to the room. You can also play some artistic strokes on the side table, study and the living room areas. Set the tables like you are going to have guests over. Presentation is key in staging and it leads quickly to persuasion.

Selling a home is all about selling a dream of the future. Staging a home may be a slight inconvenience but it is truly worth the effort in the long run. Sorting and removing unwanted possessions can be great preparation for moving into your new home when the old one quickly sells. View it as practice in letting go and a chance to re-imagine the exciting new future that awaits you.

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