How to Store Towels in the Bathroom in Compact Manner – Part 2

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Stylish ideas to store towels in the bathroom in a compact space for more style and fashion with multiple choices and options.

Shelves under the sink and baskets in the free form are quite obvious ways of storing baskets in the bathroom, which we have talked in detail. However, not all sinks can have shelves nor all bathrooms can have space for additional baskets. This is where one needs to think of the varied options in compact choices that can work even in the smallest of spaces. Check these quick ways of storing towels in the bathroom but without having a lot of space in hand and ensuring style and order at the same time.

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Towel stands:

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Ways to store towels

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Most obvious and banal solution for towels is stands that are designed just for them. You would probably invest a little more money on them, but the result is worth it. There are designs from the vintage era that you can look for, but the modern options are always more easy to like. Keep an eye on the quick fancy designs that have quite a rage with homemakers loving them for function and style. As for placing them, you can choose the area around the bathtub or sink or even the regular corner is just fine.

Wall stands:

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If display is what you are looking for, the wall stands will offer you excellent choices. It is pertinent to mention here that customized designs might cost you more, but the factory designs will enthrall you. There are many designs, and the good thing is you can find them for easy buying online for very good rates. Wall shelves are meant for those who have many towels that need to be kept in order.

Shelves on the wall:

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Most likely there is one wall in the bathroom that is easy to be used and doesn’t have any enclosure or fitting. This wall can be the perfect place for the shelves, and you can store as many towels as you want depending on space you have.

If the style of elongated shelves is used, you will have a lot of space for other things, as well. Small shelves can be fixed on the wall or you can even choose to hang customized shelves. In materials, wood is again an obvious choice, but if the water sources are nearby, waterproofing is essential. Materials in synthetic options can also be good.

Niches and corners:

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There are varied kinds of corners where you can find a lot of space for the towels. This can be a small shelf around the corner of the bathroom or even a small space between two beams on the wall. The space may be small for too many things, but given the fact that towels can be sandwiched together, you will have space for most you have.
Next time you go shopping for the bathroom, get rid of the hooks and hangers for towels and bring in something more stylish, functional and versatile for a fresh look.

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