How to Store Towels in the Bathroom – Very Functional Ideas – Part 1

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Quick ideas on how to store towels in the bathroom around the sink and in classic baskets without much fuss and investment.

Towels are one of the most obvious things one can expect in the bathroom. We conventionally use varied kinds of hangers and hooks as per our requirements, but with time, the options seem very limited. When you are a family of more than two people, these small options don’t actually look practical. Here, in this post, we will the most unique ways of storing towels in the bathroom with the functional aspects in consideration.

Under the sink:

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One of the most practical options for storing towels is to put them under the sink. Space below the sink is often ignored and unused, and for small bathrooms, these spaces work wonders. There are mixed kinds of options here, each of which has been discussed in detail.

Shelf-rack containers:

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Thankfully, modern sink systems are much well developed, and the manufacturers know the need for more space. Some of the modern shelves are designed using hanging sinks to make them more viable, and there are other designs where the sink can be installed as per one’s taste. For those looking to keep things under cover, a simple sheath of plastic or even a nice drape on the front of the shelves can make it look simplistically elegant.

Styles and designs: Shelf racks and similar kinds of containers for the bathroom need to be in sync with the interiors. For those buying new options, wood and metal can be the most obvious choices as these materials work with almost all kinds of interior. Also, towels stored in these products don’t look odd and there is no need to match colors, as well.

Baskets in the bathroom:

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Baskets are more convenient in terms of usage and can be used in any kind of bathroom. There are towels of all sizes in the bathroom, and the baskets must be chosen in accordance to the same. Small towels in the basket look better when kept in roles, while the large ones are meant to be folded and sandwiched one over another for a better look.

Styles and designs: Baskets for the bathroom need to be chosen according to the place where they are kept. For the towels that need to be kept next to the tub or shower and are used frequently, the baskets for storage should essentially be plastic or any good quality non-rusting metal for lost last.

There are bathrooms where towels are stored in style along the shelves and other places, for which one can choose other options. Wicker baskets can be a good choice, given the fact that these towels work perfectly with all kinds of interior themes. Baskets in plastic are not always as cheap-looking as you may think and there are often options that are quite stylish. Check the popular online interior decoration stores, and you will find plenty of plastic and wicker options. Mixed styles may include a blend of plastic, metal, wicker and other natural elements.

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