How to store wine at home – Ideas for every home

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Ideas for keeping wines at home with options in furniture, styles and designs, exclusively for the lovers of alcohol.

Wine is not just any other alcohol, but more than often it is considered to be more of value and style. Some people think of wine only on special occasions, while others are more game about it when they are on a vacation. There is also a third kind who like having their glass of wine every day after dinner or even while enjoying a meal.

No matter what is your style, having wine at home is essential, if totally not for you, then definitely for your guests. Of course, you can always like collecting wines, which is a passion to many. In this post, we will talk of some of the best things and ideas about storing wines at home, and how you can be the perfect designer.

Before anything else, it is important to understand that storing wines need stable and cool temperature, where the bottles are not subject to vibration. This is obviously a clear indication that fridge is not the place for the bottles. Also, it is essential that wines are stored in the horizontal position for ensuring the best taste. Take a look at some banal but creative ideas for keeping the bottles with some smart choices in furniture.

Hanging racks for the walls:

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hanging storage for wine 02

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For those who want wine to be the perfect element for decoration, they can look for hanging racks that are easily hung from the wall. Such designs are extremely classy and have a lot of charm of the old school. You need to make sure that such racks work well with the wall shade and other things in the interior.

In the cupboards and cabinets:

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shelves storage for wine 02

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There are a few readymade modular kitchen cabinets and cupboards that have a special section where you can store wine. This idea works perfectly when you know your love for regular wine and don’t want to invest separately for racks and shelves. Also, such an arrangement works best for daily use.

Mini bar units:

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mini bar units for wine storage 02

mini bar units for wine storage 03

If you check the readymade section of the furniture store, you will find there are a lot of units that have been designed for the bar. Most of the ready to install bar units have space where you can store anywhere between two to ten bottles of wine, depending on the size of the item.

Racks on the floor:

racks for wine storage 02

racks for wine storage 03

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Whether in wrought iron or wood, free standing racks for wine are meant for those who love wine. Classy and truly perfect interior design element, these racks can keep even forty bottles at a time, and the more wine you add, the better is the look.

Mini-racks for the desktop:

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storage for wine on table 02

storage for wine on table 03

storage for wine on table 04

If you want to spend some and have at least two or maximum eight bottles up for display, you will find some exotic racks that are meant for the desktop. Such racks are exceptionally functional and can be expensive, as well, because more than wine storage, these can add a lot of style to the interiors.

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