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Ideas for Creating That Cozy Nook for the Pet


Check how your pet can be happy in its space!

We have already talked about the things in our previous post on getting dogs in the house, but this is a series where we talk of how you can make the pets of your house comfortable. Pets love to be a part of the home and the family, and therefore, there is a need to ensure they are at peace. There are many pet owners who want to ensure the order of the house is maintained, and for that, you need to create that nook that your pet can stay for most times. Here are some interior ideas that may help in the long run.


[Image – Portico Design Group]

Carve a niche: Whether in the cabinetry or on the wall, creating a nook is easy and permanent when you want the pet to have a more settled space. However, as always, check on whether the space you are giving him is enough by all means to move and change positions, which most dogs and cats do.


[Image- Spring Creek Design]

Under the stairs: While dogs cannot stay in the space under the stairs as most of the times the space is limited, there are cats and mice that can adjust. They can fit in the smallest of spaces, and this also ensures that the area is put to the best use possible.


[Image – Window Expressions by Janet]

Get a bench: Again, this is more of a cat thing because cats love staying on the couches and benches, and you certainly don’t want pet dander on the expensive furniture. You can get a bench with good upholstery and the pet will love its new space.

traditional-kitchen (1)

[Image – Heaven & Stubbs Bespoke Furniture Ltd]

Under the reading nook: If you have a bench aligned to the window or wall for reading and ‘me’ time, you can choose to add the pet bed right below for a unique space creation. This will help your pet stay close to you.


[Image – Brenda Olde]

Get a kennel or cage: There are large cages that you can find in most of the pet stores. While it may initially seem to be more of a restricting idea, it works well for dogs because they love sheltered corners and an exclusive space of their own. You can choose to add the cage in the living room as a part of the furniture or can choose to place it under the slab in the kitchen, the choice is yours.


[Image – Kitt Haman Design]

Around the foot of the bed: Cats and dogs love staying close to the owners, and therefore, you can use the foot of the bed for creating them a space. Matching with your interior decor, add one bench or their pet bed right below the bed or around the foot, and your pooch will love all the attention that he gets.

traditional-kitchen (2)

[Image -COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio]

A large bed for multiple pets: If you have more than one pet, it can be a good idea to get a large love seat or bed that can accommodate both. Dogs and cats often love hanging out together, and therefore, this will help them, and you too will love the space that you will save.


[Image – Frisson]

Outdoor kennels and barrels: Many pet owners don’t like the pets at home but would like them to enjoy on the yard or outdoors. However, when you create a kennel outside, you need to see the pet is warm enough with the right bedding, and if there is a space for him to move and connect with nature. Check if he is protected from the weather!

Having a pet friendly home is easy!

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