Ideas for Decorating Gardens and Terraces with Light

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Decorating gardens and terraces with lights of varied kinds for regular mood setting, as well as, special lighting for extraordinary occasions, parties and events.

If you have garden or terrace where you have spent ample time in gardening or in the upkeep of plants and trees, you can add some charm with efficient lighting. With a little care, you can turn your small terrace or garden into a space for parties, family gatherings and group activities. Like most people, you will think of the mandatory things such as the furniture, plants, paths and constructions, but there are other things that matter, as well. Here, we will talk of some functional lights and patterns that will be within budgets and will add charm for the terraces and gardens.

Terrace lights ideas

decorative outdoor lighting 01

Terrace light decoration

Tricks of conventional lighting revealed

• First things first, you need to choose between high and low lighting for your space. Keep in mind that low and mood lighting always looks classy and appealing. You can choose a garland of lights that are available for the smallest prices and can use them on the low tier plants or trees that have small height. Another smart way to use mood lighting solutions is to use lights on the floor because the attention to such sources is drawn instantly.

• The second idea is to mask the lights. When you don’t want to highlight the light but the things in the garden or terrace, you can choose to place the lights behind the flowers and plants. This will create soft lighting and will not be extremely over the top like many people think of. You can even choose to add containers and place the lights in them.

• Lanterns and garlands are tremendously banal solutions but have a soft and classy side to it. You can choose to look for glasses that are tinted with colors. Even painted garland styled lights add a lot of charm, and there are electric lights available that can make any open garden and terrace look beautiful and stunning. There are electric lights that come in patterns and lighting options that are just about putting to use.

• Lamp styled lights and candles can also be one of the finest ways of decorating the terrace for a special occasion. However, you might have to spend a huge amount of time in making the arrangements. One can choose to add small water pond on a large container and add floating candles on the same. There are modern lights that come in the shape of lamps and candles and can be used effortlessly.

If you are looking for more conventional solutions that are not meant for occasions but can be used every day, you can look for footlights, lights along the walls. There are artificial plants that are available with lighting pots that can be chosen. The readymade array of lights often work excellently in offering a decent lighting solution provided you know the idea to keep these lights in the right place.

A few options to checkout:

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Design for small terrace

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