Ideas for Enjoying Better with Man’s Best Friend: A Dog-Friendly Home

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Creating a home that is friendly for the dog is a matter of the right things and choices.

Man’s best friend is often a reason for a family bonding together, and there are people who just cannot get enough of their dogs. While the four legging companion is always welcome, it is best to think of the condition once they enter home. Dogs come with a lot of dander and often dirt and can spoil the best things at home. Here is a close take on how you can make your home happy and happening for yourself and your furry friend.

Get a bed:

A Dog-Friendly Home

[Image – Kerrie L. Kelly]

Dogs love to have a territory or space of their own, and the best thing to do is to get a dog bed. There are many that you can find in different budgets, something that can match the needs of the interiors. Some people like having a seat or couch for their pets, so the choice is much dependent on the space you have. Rather than shifting your pet’s bed time and again, decide on a place before you buy one. If you check with pet stores, you will find choices in leather and other materials that can be easily cleaned of hair or can be washed for easy maintenance.

Opt for more dark toned wooden floors:

A Dog-Friendly Home

[Image – Dewson Construction Company]

Light colored and tinted wooden floors are not meant for homes where there are pets. The prime reason behind the same is the scratch marks that you will get time and often, which are often not easy to get away with. For having wooden floors, look for more brown or mahogany shaded designs that don’t show the marks of having a pet at home.

Give access to outdoors:

A Dog-Friendly Home

[Image – Brown Davis Interiors, Inc]

Essentially, every dog needs to have its access to the outdoors and needs a lot of exercise all the time. As such, giving outdoor access or letting him enjoy the backyard can be a good idea to keep the home clean. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that he is not soiling the house every time he comes in. The best thing to do is to set the timings and clean your pet before he enters home. Whenever he is outside, always keep him locked from the house or just use a leash to control his entrance in the house.

Get trained:

A Dog-Friendly Home

[Image – Martha O’Hara Interiors]

Pet training is something that will go a long way in keeping the house extremely in order and having a better hand in dealing with your friend. You can train him even at home with treats and let him understand the things that are allowed to use. A trained pet will never litter your expensive sofas and couches and will stick better to the rules.

Think of concrete floors:

think of concrete floors

[Image – Sarara]

If you are thinking of redoing the entire home flooring, the best choice is to look for concrete floors that are way better than marble when it comes to damage and scratches. Your pet will find it easier to sneak around for the unknown things.

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