Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Feel and Look Bigger

bedroom mirrored cabinets

Ideal ways of keeping order in the small bedroom with ideas and concepts that create more space.

More than often one of the bedrooms in the house feels like too small to be truly desirable. Small bedrooms can be tough to design, given the fact that the bed takes up most of the space. There is no denying that there is a special need for each room, and therefore, we are bringing you options that are more practical and can be used almost anywhere.

Use functional beds:

Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom

[Image – Shor Home]

Gone are times when beds were designed for just ensuring good sleep. Today, manufacturers are much more theoretical about offering solutions that can serve dual purposes at the same time. If you have a small bedroom that limits the storage capacity, look for beds that come with drawers and build in storage space and can contain a lot of unwanted things. Look for the sofa-cum-bed options that are often expensive but can ensure a lot of floor space is free to use.

Painting the complete walls and ceiling:

bedroom wall and ceiling painting

[Image – Baxter Interiors]

Understanding the parameters and details of a house is easy when you know how the walls and ceilings have been designed. The most convenient and optimal solution for a small bedroom is to paint the ceiling, as well. If your bedroom has wallpapers, you can choose to extend it to the ceiling or else you can look for painting the entire room in one color. This will help you keep the flow well for most of the parts and have better large room feeling.

Mirrored cabinets and walls:

bedroom mirrored cabinets


Increasing the visual space of any room is a matter of reflections. When one of the walls or the doors of the cabinets doesn’t have any specific design, the best choice for small bedroom is to choose mirrored panels. Mirrored doors and walls help you feel the room size is doubled without having made any change in the basic structure.

Use more of wall shelves:

wall shevles bedroom ideas

[Image – Jeanne Finnerty]

Rather than having bedside tables and all kinds of tables for keeping things, try and use the wall that is free with shelves. You can even use the most unique corners of the room and turn it into a space for keeping the most used essentials. Right from the books to the cosmetics and regular stuff around the bed, wall shelves can contain everything for a small bedroom without using any space.

More pendant lights:

bedroom ideas pendant lights

[Image – Natalia Skobkina]

Bedside table lamps are essentially lovable, but for a small bedroom, these lights look more complicated and create a congested look. The most convenient and stylish choice for such houses comes in the forms of pendant lights. The best thing about pendant lights is the fact that you can spend more and get better, so keeping things aligned in budget is easy. Designers have come up with unique designer pendant lights that can be perfect for special occasions and regular needs at the same time.

While designing a small home, it is always worth an idea to look forward on keeping the windows free from high headboards of the bed.

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