Ideas to use bamboo in the interior-Part 2

bamboo decor ideas table centerpiece 01

Small ways to bring bamboo in the interiors with pieces that can be found ready-made in the market or are designed at home.

In our previous post, we had discussed how you can use bamboo for the interiors in large proportions. We talked of wall, floor and furniture solutions that would help in getting the eco-friendly style in action for your home. However, in this piece of article, we would talk of bamboo as an object of decoration. You will find some of the most stylish ways of getting bamboo in the interiors with ideas that work for every kind of interior and for the small budget.

1. Designs of Bamboo:

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Bamboo interior

bamboo decor ideas pattern 02

Bamboo design ideas

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Bamboo plant decoration ideas

In many traditions, Bamboo has been extensively counted as an object of desire and prosperity. Needless to mention, there are plenty of choices in wallpapers, stickers and tissues that you can find and use. In Japanese homes, there has been extensive use of such designs and motifs and the idea works perfectly for homes where eco-friendly options are needed. While choosing bamboo designs for your home, you don’t essentially need to choose green, but the leaves of bamboo are open for a number of interpretations. Colors can be as simple as yellow or even bright colors as per the needs and décor demand.

2. Bamboo for the kitchen and tables:

bamboo decor ideas table centerpiece 01

Bamboo decorating ideas

bamboo decor ideas table centerpiece 02

Bamboo crafts

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Bamboo decor ideas

If you have checked the local market for crafts, you must have seen those stunning products that are ready to use and are crafted of bamboo. Most of these products are extremely functional and decorative at the same time. You can find complete range of bowls and plates along with most simple options such as serving cutlery and coasters. In short, there are plenty of things for the table. Also, for ideas in bamboo can vary for decoration and you can find wind chimes and even small decoration pieces with ease in most shops.

3. Bamboo for frames:

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Bamboo plants interior design

bamboo decor ideas frame 02

Bamboo interior design

bamboo decor ideas frame 03

Be it the mirror on the wall or even the paintings of your house, bamboo frames give them an instant style effect. If you check the craft bazaars, you can directly find those ready-made products that are designed of bamboo, but for the creative people, they can design on their own. All you need to design frames of bamboo with your own hands is a few pieces of bamboo that are joined together with thin pieces of jute or even metal wire. Bamboo frames need to be a have a neat finish to look impressive and work intensively well with all kinds of collages.

4. Decorative bamboo:

bamboo decor ideas plant 01

Interior design with bamboo

bamboo decor ideas plant 02

Bamboo interior decoration

bamboo decor ideas plant 03

One of the most banal and yet most impressive options are bamboo plants, which are extremely lucrative and work well with all kinds of interiors. Add those lucky plants that are easy on the pocket and simple enough to maintain. From simple bushes to small collection of few straight/curved stems, there are options to suit every taste. What is excellent is the fact that such plants are known to be good for the interiors, as well.

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