Innovative Geometrical Lights from Tom Dixon

etch shade copper group

Tom Dixon brings a creative collection of modern pendant style lights that are known to be a mix of lighting and shadow with each light having a unique effect.

Tom Dixon is a company offering a classic collection of lighting and furniture that meet the needs of creativity, innovation and style for modern homes where varied styles rule. Launched a decade back, the company has managed to carve a niche for himself where each of the products makes a mark in the market. Lights from the company are known to be highly original with regards to design.

etch shade copper group

etch light web stainless steel

etch light web stainless steel

ETCH WEB is a creative light from Tom Dixon, designed with an open structure. The purpose of the design is to cast angular shadows when the light is lighting. Making use of pure geographical structures, the design is one of its kinds with use of pentagons to create a spherical shape. The design comes of stainless steel with a shiny polish to make it shine like a jewel with a halogen bulb inside.

etch tea light holder

Etch Tea Light Holder Copper is a special design to hold a light and is created of metal. The shadows created by the holder when lit are one of the prime features of the product. Using varied and detailed pattern, this creative light, apart from pendant style, is available in other materials such as brass and stainless steel for those looking for varied finish.

etch shade copper

Etch Shade Copper is an innovative light concept from Tom Dixon design in metal. The light comes with varied shadows when lit and has detailed patterns that are a delight to watch out. While the pendant light looks adorable and is immensely likeable, the design is also available as a candle holder, as well. Ideal for homes where shadows have a role to play with the light!

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