Interior Decor Ideas: Get the Perfect Combination of Black for Dramatic Effect


Black colour if used judiciously can add a great impact to the room and its décor. Here are some tips to make black a statement in your room.

Black as a colour in interiors help create a visual divide in the room. Some people love its powerful impact while there are some who do not prefer its dark side. If black is used in moderation, it can really uplift a room’s design. However, it can also become overwhelming if not used with caution. Here are some decor ideas, tips and tricks to apply in just the right quantities to get the desired effect.

Play it with a mix of Neon


Image: Abigail Ahern

Neon colours are in vogue and really have the ability to complement the dark shade by getting the best out of it. When you design a room in saturated charcoal, which involves the paintwork on the walls and fabric on the furniture, then a pop of neon can really lift up a room. In this image, an electric pink table and with bright yellow artwork above the couch breaks the monotony of a dark shade. In the absence of this energizing colour, the room would seem like a black hole and may even appear depressing. However, just a few colourful pieces add a sense of cheerfulness to the room. It plays the dramatic charcoal effect in a perfect way without taking away its core subtle quality.

Make Black the Core Colour 


Image: Stephane Chamard

When black is used as a core colour in combination with light shades, it becomes not only classy, but also timeless. Black and white as a mix can never go out of fashion and is the safest of all combinations as they never fail to complement one another. Even though, black has been used aplenty in this room, its dark hues are reflected off with a burst of white and natural light offering some stunning lighting ideas. Keep your furniture and other accessories black and crisp while introduce an element of airiness by using sharp white lighting and the walls so that the light can play around the room.

Explore other bright shades


Image: Ingrid Rasmussen Photography

Bright shades in combination of one another can really spell out when placed against a black backdrop. In this image, the space automatically becomes more vibrant and elegant with strong shades of green, mustard, turquoise and various other in-between shades. The colours have been introduced in a very elegant way that makes the place look mesmerizing and eclectic.

Increase Light through mirror


Image: Abigail Ahern

If your walls have been coloured black or dark shade, then hanging a mirror in the hallway will not only create an illusion of space, but also help in deflecting the light in all the corners. Just place ambient lighting strategically for the mirror to do its work. In this design, a convex mirror has been used to augment the décor and create depth in the room.

Form an Illusion with colour


Image: Boutique Homes

It is not just about painting the walls as per your taste, but a lot has to do with the way a room will appear when the walls are coloured in dark and light shades. There are strategic points across the walls that can help in increasing or decreasing the size of the room in the way of an illusion by choosing the right shades. In this white room, the ceiling has been coloured in dark black up to the picture rail which lowers the height visually and makes the room look cosier. If you have a long and narrow room, you can paint one end of the wall in dark colour to bring it forward and make it look less elongated.

Implement the use of Chalk


[Image – April and the Bear]

For a dramatic and personalized effect to the room, you can paint a wall with chalkboard paint. Contrary to the popular belief, chalkboard paint has the ability to soften the appearance of the room as the paint is matte in finish. Don’t be afraid to experiment as there is always an option to draw something on it with colourful chalk to increase the colourfulness.

Try Black Cautiously


Image: Stephane Chamard

If you are not sure how black will look after the walls are painted, then you can start with small sections of the house. This will give you the confidence of using dark black colour in other parts of the house with much more belief. You can colour the in-between space like a landing on the stairs and colour it black to see the effect it adds to the house. Just augment the shade with bold contrasts for it look visually aesthetic and appealing. It is highly recommended to cover the in-between area in black as it will not become overwhelming due to the presence of bright rooms at both the ends.

Create a focal point


Image: Amelia Hallsworth Photography

You can also explore the option of dark shade by colouring a single wall in black. This will become your feature wall in the room without dominating the décor. This will also allow the bed and the lights to become a part of the focus due to its stark contrast. Cover the bed in white linen to make the room look bright and airy.

Accessorize with black


Image: Kelly Hoppen London

If you are still not comfortable with an all black wall in your home but would love to exploit the dark shade, then you can take the tried and tested route that is the accessories. Create a dark luxurious spot in your home adjoining a light wall with a boudoir in dark black. In this image, it has been accessorized with thick dark frame above the boudoir with an ebony shaded vanity table. The key design element here is the use of the glossy surface, which reflects the light off instead of absorbing it.

Combine Monochrome


Image: James Dawson Interiors

In this hallway, the dark shade has been complemented with a geometric patterned monochromatic wall. The white marble and the golden cupboard handles are the perfect addition to the décor. This enchanting corridor has been saved from looking like a darkened tunnel by these simple design choices.

Black as a colour for the interior design is not such a scary choice. However, the trick is to find the perfect balance between supporting hues and shades along with other elements such as the area of the room and the inflow of light to do complete justice without seeming too overbearing.

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