Interior Decoration Ideas: Art of Making Windows Attractive without the Drapes

If your home has a beautiful view, then you shouldn’t hide it with the drapes. Here are some ways to flaunt your windows in these elegant ways.

Drapes have been used over many years and centuries as a workable solution for privacy in homes. Owing to its utility, the drapes are today present in many designs and fabrics, which do not only provide you with privacy but also has an aesthetic visual appeal to it. However, if your windows have amazing views, then why hide it behind the drapes? You can use these creative interior decor ideas and ways to dress up your windows regardless of where you live.

Make use of black sashes


Image: Emerick Architects

Sashes are the frames that hold windows together. In a layman’s term, it can also be referred to as frame within frames.


Image: Tatum Brown Custom Homes

To bring the sheer class and elegance to your windows, you can colour the sash black. This will make your windows look stylish and also simple without demanding any more design. One can see this kind of design in the countryside homes where the view is amazing, and there is a lot of seclusion. It is a perfect addition to your contemporary home with a modern taste.


Image: Fox Force Five Construction

These window frames look sleeker due to black colour and provide an uninhibited view outside. It is like a natural artwork that changes every day and complements the décor.

You can also play up the look further by using a fraction of black in the rest of the design. However, use the colour in moderation so that it looks chic without looking gothic. Style your house with cheap wooden frames for your wall artwork or espresso wood chairs that will fall perfectly into the scheme.

Green Sashes


Image: Victor Myers Custom Homes & Real Estate

A dark green window sash provides a softer hue but also the depth of black colour. It has a classic natural appeal with neutrality that can match the colour of the nature. You can explore the possibility of a high ceiling as in this image. However, it is not a design mandate.

Decorative Mouldings


Image: Toronto Interior Design Group| Yanic Simard

If your home has a vintage element, then these elegant mouldings on your windows will be a classic accessory for your home. You can allow the natural flow of light and mount the shades inside the frame to control the lighting without too much effort. Match the windows with elegant trimmings for an added impact.

If you are not already using this design in your house, then windows will serve as a perfect spot to introduce some. It is much more convenient to install mouldings on a window rather than the ceiling. You can keep the look in just one room and explore other design options in other rooms which create a variety in décor.

To mask any smudges or paint job errors, you can colour the trims of the same colour as the wall, which will hide any uneven edges, as well. However, to make them shine, use high gloss paint instead.


Image: Crisp Architects

If you have large windows in the room, you can create an enhanced decorative look without obstructing the view outside. It also adds structure that breaks the monotony of a glass frame and gives a dressier look to the window frame. Leaving the windows drape-less makes the room look well ventilated and also makes room for more natural light to flow in.

The point to note is that for this kind of look, it is best to try on windows that are located on the northern side of the house. This will prevent the harsh direct sunlight from filtering into your house. South facing windows without blinds or curtains can leave the house smouldering in summers. Reverse this logic if you live in the southern hemisphere.

However, do remember that windows not only trap heat, but also result in the loss of heat too. Hence, consider installing a heat-retention film for your windows if you live in the cold climate or for the winter months.

Add layers to the windows


Image: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Mirrors are an interesting addition over the windows that give you a very sophisticated look with a practical design. By adding a mirror to the window will provide the privacy needed in the bathroom without blocking the light. You can also consider blocking the remaining exposed window with translucent film for added privacy. By placing mirror on the window, you can move the vanity to places that didn’t seem possible before which creates more space in your bathroom. There are many floor plans that can be created by simply moving the vanity by the windows.


Image: Antonio Martins Interior Design

This look can also be achieved by placing the mirror against the wall by the window. You can get the symmetry in design by covering the windows by matching the window shade with the colour of the walls.

Adding Shelves


Image: Bosworth Hoedemaker

The open upper shelves are popular these days as a design and functionality choice. There are many new and interesting ways to incorporate it in your décor. One of these methods includes placing them against the window.

However, be sure to take into consideration the opening and closing of the windows when you install these open shelves. The storage space should not obstruct the window’s operation.


Image: Bosworth Hoedemaker

This arrangement is perfect for installing a number of shelves. You can place one at a lower height to reach the items of daily use with ease. You can also use it to place chinaware to enhance the visual appeal.

This look is perfect if your kitchen window has a view of the adjacent building. The emphasis of shelve will help to take the mind off the wall and place more attention on the low-lying china.


Image: Tim Cuppett Architects

If possible, try to take a look beyond the counters and tie in the entire room’s design together. This shelve can also be used for the display of seasonal flowers, pots and other decorative items.

Ambient Lighting


Image: Cathy Stathopoulos, CKD

If you have a full window in your kitchen but does not provide enough light to the room, then it is a perfect spot for the pendant lighting offering awesome lighting ideas. It will not only illuminate the area directly underneath the light but also provide the illusion of natural radiance flowing in from the window.


Image: Dungan Nequette Architects

You can combine this layering effect of shelves and lights along with mirrors to get a dramatic impact.


contemporary-living-room (1)

Image: ILevel

If you have a varied taste from eclectic to quirky, then consider putting artwork on your windows like we do on the walls. This will create an unusual effect on the room and make contemporary housing capable of sporting artwork, which otherwise may not be possible due to lack of space. However, just safety tips, for the longer life of your art, make sure that your windows are protected with UV filtering frame and the art is secured properly into the trims. You can also hang an inexpensive piece of work through stick on hooks that can be changed as per the mood and preference.


Image: Shirley Meisels

These simple decor ideas are a great start to incorporate curtain-less windows for a change and explore the possibility of using the windows for its natural benefit of providing real scenery and ability to light up a room.

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