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Interior Design Ideas: Blue & Yellow- Perfect Companions on Bedding

This joyful color combination will bring out certain cheerfulness to the décor and remind you of clear blue skies and sun-kissed sands.

Yellow and blue are one of the most commonly found shades in nature. They are in the sun, the waves, and the skies and not to mention all the flowers that contrast sharply and beautifully against the morning sky. At home, these two tones can bring a world full of possibilities if used with creativity and in moderation. You can play with a variety of looks from Classic Victorian to midcentury elegance. Use these interior design ideas as inspiration and bring your as close to nature as possible.

Color me Pretty   


[Image: Occipinti]

Countryside cottage look in its rawness can be achieved with a quintessential tongue and groove panel and other core components such as floral and bare boards. For a more contemporary and unique finish, you can achieve this look by using inky blue instead of the regular blue.

You can further add contrast by using linen in crispy whites and balance it all with a mix of floral prints. Mixing the hard and soft hues in a balanced way bring in the much needed calm and restfulness that each bedroom deserves. Just a bit of warmth can be added by using a tinge of yellow.

Work the Coastal Appearance


[Image: LEIVARS]

White, blue and red are typical colors of a seaside vacation home and are now passé. You can, however, work the latest coastal look by bringing in more hues that are not only sophisticated but also beat the clichés. Introduce a dash of muted yellow tones on a blue-gray palette for a more modern and refreshing look. These colors work wonders in conjunction and look amazing with natural items such as shells or driftwoods offering awesome living room decorating ideas.

Go Slow

beach-style-living-room (1)

[Image: Robertson Lindsay Interiors] 

If your room already has shades of blue, you can bring in some yellow accents with the help of flowers. They are a safe and natural addition to the room to see if the two themes bond together. This method is applicable to any other accents too. You can try it with simple flowers to learn if the two match one another rather than bringing in expensive items such as rugs, pillows, throws, etc.

Don’t let Yellow Overpower


[Image: Interior Design Excellence Awards]

For your room to have a balanced tone of the two, you must use blue color as an anchor shade while adding just a bit of yellow here and there to bring in some freshness of hue. In this room, the monotony of a blue room is broken by this mustard ottoman which complements the blue theme without overpowering it.

Retro Chic


[Image: Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC]

Yellow – blue palette is a perfect choice if you have a retro look in mind. You can pick a geometric patterned wallpaper in muted shades of blue while throwing in some vintage ceramics in bold shades to create a statement. Further up the ante by bringing in the yellow colored Formica-surface table. Extend the vibrancy of the yellow theme by getting yellow cushioned chairs and dramatically adding it to other parts of the house, as well.

Add more character to the bathroom 


[Image: Godrich Interiors]

A deep shade of midnight blue or dark navy has a strong and lasting impact so the safest place to test it is a bathroom. These dramatic shades in a bathroom create a cozy space, especially when you cover the ceiling, as well. You can energize the color palette by adding golden yellow tiles in Moroccan theme. In this image offering one of the striking bathroom décor ideas, the shower room is the highlight of the bathroom because of its yellow tiles.

Subtle and sublime

contemporary-bedroom (1)

[Image: TG Studio]

If you need to significantly change the mood of a room, it only takes a handful of elements to achieve that. This is especially helpful when you don’t want to redecorate your room completely but would need something more low key and pocket-friendly. If you are restrained by budget, only a small change like a duvet cover and a chair that has been up-cycled in yellow will give you the maximum benefit for your money. You can even get old bedding dyed instead of buying a new one.

Add a sense of Quirk in your Kitchen


[Image: Sustainable Kitchens] 

If your kitchen has a farmhouse feel, then the chances are that you have already used an all time popular powdered blue finish in some way. When you have one color as blue, the default choice of bringing in contrast oven, lies with black, gray or cream. However, you can augment this look to another level by pairing it with strong and unexpected yellow accent. This small touch of zingy color brings a refreshing and contemporary look into the kitchen.

Elegance and style to Living Room


[Image: Interior Desires UK]

Mix the distinctive shades of rich yellow and turquoise with a combination of patterned upholstery that can add instant sheen and glamour to any room. You can increase the playfulness and muted elegance by using different fabrics on the front and back of the chairs. You can be creative with the pattern of the chairs. The trick here is to keep the rest of the décor neutral so that chairs do not become overpowering.

Implement color techniques in unexpected spots  


[Image: Oliver Burns]

To further expand of subtle finishes, you can have an even bigger impact by using it creatively. In this bathroom, aqua, pale tiles have been brought to life with the yellow grouting. It works wonders because of its unconventional usage and the way it complements detail. This feature wall gets all the more attention due to an all-white structure in the rest of the bathroom.

Blue and yellow are fantastic hues when it comes to using them creatively in your home décor. These interior design ideas and tips will give you a sound foundation to plan how much of the two and in what proportion should you use to get the desired effect. Feel free to toy with your own creative side to come up with an even better style.

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