Interior Design Ideas to Make your Home Work out Friendly


Give your home work out friendly feel, which gives you an impetus to stay on the move and encourage exercising every day.

It would not really matter how big the work out zone is. You can either do yoga in corner of the room or use an entire room for the purpose of exercise. However, the real challenge is to keep you motivated to stay fit. These 10 interior design ideas and elements will give your space a workout friendly environment that will keep you suitably inspired to train.

Floors with suitable friction  


[Image: About:Space, LLC]

While exercising, proper flooring is a necessity to prevent any kind of injuries. You can use attractive, but non-slippery floors to make your space look more welcoming. Although, you can use the hardwood floor as it does not need any additional carpeting, but you can also use carpet tiles if you need more cushion while exercising. Do ensure that the material is of non-slip variety for your safety.

Use the mirrors


[Image: Chris Pardo Design – Elemental Architecture]

Mirrors are a common design element in your homes, but you can now use them in your gym room to help you monitor your body while you are in action. You need to have proper form when lifting weights or when doing yoga. Mirrors also reflect the natural light, which boosts the ambience even if you have few windows. You don’t, however, need to have full-size mirrors like a professional gym. You can also use row of mirrors that can lean against the wall for a pocket-friendly option, and it still serves the purpose.

Create proper storage 

modern-home-gym (1)

[Image: SHKS Architects]

The last thing you want in your exercising room is a pile of junk created due to props and weights. You must introduce proper shelving so that you have a neat zone to workout with no mess around that can be both distracting and unsafe. You can also use strong baskets for storage of small items.

If you have transformed a large section of the house as a gym, then you can use a backless bookcase, as in this image, which will divide the room and also serve as a storage space.


[Image: Refines Renovations]

You can also use the kitchen cart and bar creatively to store small items. The cart will be a compact unit good to hold the gym equipment and is compact in size, which can be placed in any corner of the room.

Equip your gym room with a TV or a tablet

contemporary-home-gym (1)

[Image: Masterpiece Design Group]

The biggest problem faced by gym goers is that they get bored while exercising, which makes them want to quit. However, you can install a TV or a tablet with interesting videos or inspirational shows that will keep you motivated to stay on that treadmill. It can also be used to watch instructional videos while you are doing cardio. If you do not have enough space for a full-size TV, you can also place a tablet stand, which will serve the objective just as properly.

Play some tunes

If you are not the one to enjoy TV all that much, you can also add a music system to play you some music while you workout. Invest some time into putting your favourite music together in a playlist that can match the pace of your workout.

Art for the inspiration

contemporary-home-gym (2)

[Image: Building Solutions and Design, Inc]

The main idea of creating a workout space in your own house is the flexibility of personalization. One of the decor ideas for inspiration is to just add a full sized photograph of an art that you can connect with, and it serves as a good focal point when you are in your home gym. If you are looking for a budget option, then you can frame one of your old pictures when you were in a good shape that will serve as a motivation for you to keep going and also be a constant reminder for you to not lose the momentum. Just pop that image in a cheap frame and your home gym is ready with a hint of personalization.

Low height table


[Image: Goyo Photography]

When you are doing yoga or floor exercises, make sure that the water bottle is easy to reach or you have the music system at a reachable distance so that you can adjust it as you like while you are in the middle of your yoga session. If you want to use this room for meditation, this table can also be a great place to put a candle or an inspiring quote.

Towels when you are sweating it out 


[Image: Kallweit Graham Architecture]

A neat roll of white towels is so refreshing and makes you want to sweat more so that you can enjoy its clean, refreshing touch. You can line them up neatly on a shelf where they can be reached easily or you can also place them together in a basket. No matter how you place them, their neat stack will always be a sight to behold in your home gym.

Comfort for your time out

Place a comfortable couch or a soft throw to keep you warm and comforted after a session of workout. A bench is an ideal addition to help you relax after you have had a long and tiring cardio.

Water to rejuvenate your senses


[Image: The Home]

When you are working out at your home, you don’t need to restrict yourself to the bottled water. You can create your own refreshing concoction by adding elements like lemon, fresh sprigs of mint or even berries to make the water taste more refreshing and rejuvenating. Just store this water in a flask and take a swig while you are on your way to the gym room. Soon you will feel your body pulsating with renewed energy.

Gym in your home is a quick way to release all the tension you have been holding up due to stressful lifestyle and also urge you to take up an active lifestyle that you have been putting for so many years. No more excuses for not hitting that treadmill because of lack of time. Now gym next to your bedroom is a perfect reason to not forsake a regular exercising regime.

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