Interior Design Ideas: Tips to use Curves in your Décor

Curves have a way of making the décor look smooth and soft. Use the curves in your design to give your edgy indoor and outdoor space a calming effect.

Curves have the tendency to remove the edge from your line of sight and draw your attention to a focal point or a particular feature. It can also be highly useful in adding length to the area. If you know how to use the power of curves aesthetically, you cannot only define your room’s appearance, but also improve the overall look of the room. They are the most practical answer to sharp corners that may be otherwise rendered useless. If you want your room to look invitingly warm and cosy, then add curves to it. Their way of bending around the space is what makes them such a versatile option both inside and outside the house.

The beauty of using the curved lines is that it draws you into its periphery in a welcoming manner. With the correct formation of the lines, they can create a strong and meaningful impact, as well as connect the spaces. However, to employ their artistic techniques, you need to know how to use these curves properly. The idea is to exploit the full potential of this simple design to its maximum advantage.

Introduce the curves through subtlety


[Image – Touch Interiors]

To make the curvy lines look more like they are complementing the interior décor, you need to be subtle in their application. You can add round tables or curvy lamps and even area rugs with this specific shape. Your room will appear soft, and it will get a certain flow, which may otherwise seem slender.


[Image – Camilla Molders]

Like in this image, the use of blue curved tiles does a great work in breaking the hard look of the wooden furniture in the bathroom and enthuse softness by subtle curve shape. It is a combination of bold and beautiful shapes, as well as the colours.


[Image – Cultivart Landscape Design]

As one can see in this picture, the long curve used in the couch draws the attention and sight of a person into the garden. The use of bright colour further accentuates the décor. Curved lines are greater in length as compared to a straight line, which makes the garden look bigger than it actually is. Once can also employ multilayered planting rather than placing them in a straight line.

Curved Furniture


[Image – Marco Antunio]

The circular shaped bookshelf is a fine blend of curves and colours that add character to the room. Placed around a circular window, the eyes of the person are drawn straight to the spectacular view out the window. Circle shaped windows do great wonders when playing up a space and can also act as a focal point in a room. Indeed one of the fantastic design ideas for a window!


[Image – Janel Holiday Interior Design]

When you add furniture in the room that is curvaceous, it instantly becomes the statement piece and attracts all the attention. Be sure to pick one in quirky colours to enhance the overall look of the room.


[Image – Outhouse Design]

The garden bench, as in this image, has been installed above the ground to appear like its floating. The curved edges give it a natural feel to blend into the garden environment. Round edges have a tendency to make the furniture look more comforting, and also, give a very different feeling as compared to a straight bench that looks much formal.

Distinct Shapes


[Image – Platinum Building Group]

This elegant looking breakfast table has the parabolic base, which makes it not only look unique in design, but also lends a completely different view to the kitchen. When the simple curves are used in moderation, they can have a very lasting impact on the décor.

contemporary-patio (1)

[Image – Tim Davies Landscaping]

The curved daybed used in this design helps a lot in breaking the strong linear appearance of this sleek outdoor. The colour of the bed is complemented by the wooden flooring of the wooden deck and hanging light fixture, which looks like a part of the theme.


[Image – Touch Interiors]

There is no hard and fast rule that dictates that the stairs should be straight up. They can also be spiral as in this case, which looks like a winding seashell and perfect for a beach property.

 Bold Shapes


[Image – Scott Weston Architecture Design PL]

The red planter in this image has been a point of attention in the courtyard. Due to its shape, colour and assortment of all the plants, it becomes an eye-catching aspect and helps in dividing the outdoor space due to its position in the centre.

Be sure to use well-defined shapes in the garden and not just abstract lines. When you include a structure that is well defined, it brings out the natural features in the landscape with its flow design.


[Image- Sarina Denton Design Style Coordinate]

In this picture, a few incongruous lines make this bay window a very exciting feature in the room.


[Image – Matt Gibson Architecture + Design]

This home uses a well-defined balance of curves that are both bold and soft at the same time. This home has been built using the latest design and the curves add a sense of welcoming to the house. The cosiness of the house has been enthused with the help of the soft palette and the curved lines which draw one into the space.


[Image – C+M Studio]

The designers in this home took creativity a notch higher when they placed wooden floorboards on a wall. The curved wall has been created to bring a sense of warmth and divide in the room.

contemporary-patio (2)

[Image – Cultivart Landscape Design]

In this seaside home, the curved lines have been used to their full potential in a small garden. They have been mixed with the straight lines and a variety of plants to create a visually attractive seating space outdoor. In a small garden, if you use the combination of curves and lines properly, you can exploit the space in a much better way. The curves can easily accommodate strange angles, and they also lend an organic appeal to the garden.


[Image – Doon Architecture of Hamptons PC]

This vaulted ceiling in the room is a sure shot focal point that will make you look up and not down. There are many ways to introduce a curved roof, which can be both modern and classic in style. If done properly, a modern curved roof can have a gorgeous effect on your overall room.


[Image – Auhaus Architecture]

This timber deck made of hardwood has been outlined with a curved concrete wall that resembles a question mark. The shape of the wall gives an opening to the deck, and also, beats the monotony of the straight linear exterior of the house. If you use the curve or circle properly, it can create a safe space for you by creating a strong curved wall wrap around your seating area.

contemporary-kitchen (1)

[Image – KTC Design]

In this design, the attention has been drawn to the curved lines by using a bold yellow colour on the countertop that instantly attracts the attention of the onlooker.


[Image – Touch Interiors]

Nothing complements a curve the way another curve does. When a curved sofa was placed in this room, it suddenly became more receptive to further design possibilities. The overall shape of the room further defines the shape of the sofa, which looks like a natural fit to the room. The same seating arrangement may not have fit so perfectly in a straight room with bold lines.

beach-style-living-room (1)

[Image – Outhouse Design]

The low curved wall in this picture is not just a design element, but also of utility. Due to its low height, there can be a deeper garden bed for the plantings and is also a possibility for any other design. This wall can also be used a casual seating place for the homeowner or the guest. The place is further accentuated by the use of floor lights that highlight the periphery of the curved lines.

eclectic-bedroom (1)

[Image – WHAT_architecture]

This room uses a very interesting mix of Lebanese, as well as Gothic in its doorway. The dressing room has been aesthetically separated using this unique doorway. With the help of elaborate arches, this room gets a much better partition that only adds to the look and feel of the décor.

Curves are glorious and have a statement of their own in a room. They must, however, be used effectively to give out its true potential. You need to mix and match the features to accentuate one and downplay another as per the décor of your room. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles and designs ideas if you are looking for an interesting interior.

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