Interior Design Ideas: Top 7 Ways to liven up Beige walls

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Bring dull, boring and monotonous beige walls to life using these ideas and innovations for the home or office for a refreshing new look without much effort!

Who wants a dull room take their moods down? Admit it, classy as it looks and feels, beige walls done wrongly can really take your spirits for a plunge. Often they are found to make the room glum and lose the energy, despite good lighting and ventilation. To perk it up, we have some classy and innovative combinations that you can try without blowing off a lot of money – these little design ideas will change the way the room looks! Take a peek on the various colors that can complement the dull beige well:

  1. Go gold and green


[Image – Tobi Fairley Interior Design]

Slightly to the unusual side, this combination is a pure show stealer! The beige walls get character with nicely combined green, whites and a hint of gold – the sunburst mirror, which totally captures attention and becomes the focus of the room, is a complete style statement. Go green! And make the room’s beige do the magic for you!

  1. Magenta – orange delight


[Image – Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs]

A very quirky combination, easy to go wrong or look loud – seems so beautifully toned down and well balanced with the lovely shade of beige on the wall. The curtains drape well against it, the tangerine and magenta lose their fiery energy and become easy to mix and match shades under the calming influence of the beige. A very beautiful room, ideal for girls and guests! The wood floorboards complete the look to the room.

  1. Red hues –


[Image – Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design]

The beauty of red and beige together is that they are so opposite to one another in temperament and warmth that they are ideal companions for co-existing harmoniously. All shades and hues of red look splendid against beige and since the human eye and aesthetics are designed to appreciate the balance, it is also simple to equal out the two in the exact proportion. Almost impossible to go wrong, this look is perfect for that dull dining area of yours, which needs a makeover. Just get some lovely upholstered chairs in a bright red, add a little something to the wall, accessorize properly and there you go! Easy as ABC!

  1. Greens and blues


[Image –MuseInteriors]

The sea is not far when these colors play their magic in your living room! The beautiful sea-glass-green and pale blues used in combination with the poker –feel beige walls life the spirits of the room to almost the seaside intensity! Guests will actually look out of the window and expect the sound of waves – work the colors on accentuating elements like cushions and artifacts. Go for lots of white as well, to balance the slight gap between the colors and the beige.

  1. Black and White


[Image -TerraCotta Properties]

One of very interesting living room design ideas! Actually, here the monotony and depth of black and white is broken by beige. Creating a perfect harmony, this is an ideal library or living room combination. The balance of whites and darks with the interlude of beige is supremely beautiful and attractive. It imparts a very contemporary, clean look to the room. The soothing calmness of the ambience created by this room should be great for a room for the elderly or someone who can appreciate the beauty in the starkness.

  1. Tangerine –

contemporary-living-room (1)

[Image – Osborne Architects]

This fresh color is like a lease of fresh air for the beige wall! Look at the life it infuses in the walls – the energy is almost electric. If you are looking at renovating the whole room, changing the floor style to stone and adding a few raw wood pieces here and there completes the look perfectly. If not, then just the bedding can be changed to alter the room’s energies. The color is so in perfect balance with beige, it is perfect for any room!

  1. Brown and whites –


[Image – Chalet]

How about the perfect coffee experience landing in your room – have all hues right from frothed milk to coffee bean right there to make the beige feel at home. The monochrome theme should be left to its harmony, do not attempt any “break-in” colors or hints of some bright color as this is a complete look in itself. Let the aroma of coffee wake you up in the bedroom of this scheme – here to happy mornings!

Simple to adapt to and accept in your home, these décor ideas are cut out for those boring rooms where nothing looks good enough because of the dullness. These ideas are sure to make it seem more cheerful and classy – go for some slight renovations or maybe a full- fledged one. You may even think of getting the walls done up in beige if they are not already there! Have a great time renovating!

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