Interior Ideas for Entrance: Ways to Make your Entryway more Personal

Make the entry to your house more inviting by adding stylish upgrades to your entryways, porch and pathways.

Your front yard is the first place that welcomes a guest or even you for that matter. There are many stylish ways to up do your simple looking doorways into something more stylish and personal. From potted plants for a dash of colour to inviting furniture can be just the starting points as the possibilities are endless. There are also many landscaping opportunities along with exterior details, which can add character to your outdoors, and also, afford you privacy at the same time. Here are some quick design ideas and tips to help you get started.

Lounge on your covered entrance


[Image – ANNA CARIN Design]

When you add a simple looking armchair or a sofa to your entryway, it can add instant feeling of welcome to your front door. You can just casually sit here and enjoy many evenings while sipping your coffee. If you want to add a contemporary feel to the décor, you can paint the trims white while rest of the area in a crisp gray.

You can experiment with the combinations on a cardboard and get the ones best suited for your front door. You can also check the way colours look during different times of the day. This will help you make an informed decision.

Add stones for character


[Image – Sandberg Schoffel Architects]

When the homes are being renovated, people often forget about the pathways that lead them to their homes. However, it can be worth spending a little thought on the front portion and getting the path right. In this picture, geometric slabs of stone with surrounded by white pebbles give a Japanese feel to the house. The use of tropical plants adds further character by making the structure look soft. These pebbles can also be used in potted plants to create symmetry.

Get the privacy through landscaping


[Image – Sanctum Design]

If your landscaping has been planned carefully, it can easily offer the privacy that is required on your property. However, you can also use growing plants for added seclusion. You can also bring a white wood screen to use, like in this image, that does not only allow the sunlight to pass through but also provides an effective isolated spot, which can be used as a nursery or even as an office. You always have the option of removing the screen once the plants have achieved its full height.

Use artistic graphics

contemporary-entry (1)

[Image – Watershed Design]

In this image, the fluid looking piece of steel is a sharp contrast to the concrete blocks and adds an instant aesthetic value to the entry door. The design of the gate is harmonious with the trees in the garden and the birds that are surrounding the area. This piece also provides an artistic screening to the main house, which offers a degree of privacy by obstructing the view.

A dash of rich colours


[Image – Zugai Sturdwick Architects]

Colours can be used to change the way your place looks. The fuchsia coloured main door in this image stands out against the light coloured wall and trims. If you need that this simple blast of colour is harmonious with the rest of the design, devise a scheme of colours in order to get the continuity. There is a huge difference in actual colours in the paint shop and the ones used for the exterior of the paint. So be sure to collect the samples before you firmly choose to go with a colour.

Be creative with the mailbox


[Image – EcoBuilt Landscaping]

When people walk past your house, the first thing they see or notice is the mailbox. So, to give it the personality to make it memorable, add some quirky design that can match your home’s décor. A simple design can work well with all kinds of designs at home so keep it uncomplicated but stylish.

Sand the edges

contemporary-exterior (1)

[Image – Mihaly Slocombe]

In this picture, the house has been built with sharp edges and defined exterior. However, the roughness of the house has been complemented by soft landscaping that not only adds warmth, but also the colour of greenery and flowers. You can use native plants as they require less water to survive. However, in this case, drip irrigation system has been installed to water the plants in extreme heat. The pots used to line the driveway give an earthy appearance to the exterior.

Add extra lighting to the stairs

contemporary-entry (2)

[Image – Mr. Mitchell]

There is nothing that adds character to a home the way minimalism does. In this photo, the simple looking stairs have been made more interesting by addition of additional lighting, which lights each step providing some remarkable lighting ideas to the onlookers. The colour of the wood changes with every step and the lighting only adds further character to the exterior. The lights have to be directed downward so as to deflect the glare.

Employ the colour red


[Image – Klopf Architecture]

While neutral colours have a way of blending in and offering muted style, red is brash and has a character of its own. You can choose from various shades of reds available and use the one best suited for your exteriors. You should first try the shades at all times of the day and choose the one that looks the best. Sharp contrasting white trims, like in this image, add additional impact.

The good old country style


[Image – Meg Padgett]

When you add a decorative stroke to your design, it can suddenly uplift the décor and make it look more inviting. Country styled décor never fails to welcome people with its hanging baskets of plants and vibrancy of colours. You can use an old folding chair, like in this photo and give it a quick brush of paint to add to the porch. The striped mat completes the exterior with its warmth and welcoming look.

It is no challenge to personalize your entryway as far as you are in touch with your sense of style and aesthetics. Some experiments, some creative design ideas, and little knowledge can go a long way in designing a seemingly boring part of your house into an interesting one.

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