Kids room makeover: how to integrate bunk beds

Small kids’ rooms and limited space – no problem when the bunks are here! Transform the dingy children room to a spacious play area using these tips.

Admit it. Your kids love bunks too. It’s just that you are not very comfortable with the idea or have a technical glitch somewhere in the way the children’s room is, or maybe no design or concept has caught your fancy yet. Here are some ideas for your kids’ bedroom to be done up using bunks, for space optimization and open area for the kids to play.
[Image – Southern Studio Interior Design]

The 4 kids bunk beds style: First and foremost – keep it pastel. And second – light it up well. This style uses a column in one corner or the room, out of which 2 bunks extrude on one side, and 2 on the other. A small corner of the column makes room for shelves for knickknacks. The lower bunks have storage space and edges have ladders. Very smart way to create space for 4 kids living in the same room! The headboards have lights for keeping it bright.

[Image – Kemp Hall Studio]

House of 3 kids: How about placing two twin beds side by side and hanging a third to 90 degrees of twin beds about a good 5 feet higher? The staircase runs up from between the twin beds. It looks superb in a room with a slanted roof. No storage integrated but great way to contain 3 kids without going too high one upon the other, and also, not blocking-up the whole ceiling.

[Image – Resort Custom Homes]

2 kids bunk idea: Generally, double decked standard bunk comes in a very ordinary design. One bed over the other and a ladder to go to the top bed! Boring!!! Go for this spectacular design. The ladder is replaced with comfortable stair with steps, the upper bed has stylish safety rail, storage for both top and bottom beds and snug bed size. Who wouldn’t want all of that?
More ideas to come soon, till then keep your thinking cap on about what exactly your kids want out of the room. Happy renovating!

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