Know your Farmhouse Sinks more Deeply

The reason farmhouse sinks are so popular is because they are elegant, stylish, durable and not to mention perfect addition to suit any kind of décor.

Farmhouse style kitchen sinks are known for their durability as much as their visual appeal. They are very popular hands-on choice of many homeowners. And all those who are looking for kitchen design ideas for their homes can checkout this option. This sink comes from an era when there was no such thing as runny water. The main idea behind creating this sink was to hold water, which was obtained from rivers and lakes nearby.

The original style of these sinks was initially used in late 17th century in Britain and Ireland. Even though they belonged to the same design elements, they both had different characteristics from one another. The Belfast variety sink had the option to drain the excess water with the provision of a drainage system and was much deeper in volume so that more water can be stored. However, the London sink was designed for places with less water and thus was shallower. There was no overflow mechanism, which kept the water within the sink bowls.

Here are some more things that you must know when you want to invest in a farmhouse style sink for your kitchen.


[Image: Lake Country Builders]

The traditional sink that is used in the kitchen is much deeper than the modern varieties available these days. The design is simple and allows the user to stand right in front of the basin and has no cabinets or countertop that can obstruct the sink’s access. This kitchen sink has been designed as per its usage by women back in the day when they would spend most of their time in the kitchen. These sinks were used for many reasons from washing of dishes to clothes and in some cases even babies because of its huge size.

These days also you can wash babies in the sink, but they are far more useful for washing large pots and pans instead. The large items like barbeque grills, oven trays, large baking sheets, etc. are tough to wash in the normal sized sink.

traditional-kitchen (1)

[Image: Kitchen Capital WA]

If in case one bowl is not enough in the kitchen, you can also add similar sized double bowl options like one can see in this picture. It gives you more space and more area to wash and store.

Choose on the basis of Installation

traditional-kitchen (2)

[Image: Makings of Fine Kitchens & Bathrooms]

The basic idea of installation of these sinks was such that it was placed slightly protruded from the side cabinets. The main purpose of this installation was that in case the water flows out of the sink, it would touch the sink base and run down the floor instead of damaging the cabinets by landing on them. This is exactly how they are installed even today, although there are many designs available.

The fundamental installation is one level below the countertop level so that it hangs on the sides of the sink. This way the excess water from the countertop flows right into the sink easily.

Old School Fixtures

traditional-kitchen (3)

[Image: Kitchen Capital WA]

Farmhouse sinks have a vintage appeal to them and also contribute to the rustic character which enhances the country style look. You can complete this appearance by adding a kitchen sink made of white porcelain and the conventional taps with matching handles. The traditional sinks in farmhouse style do not have a provision of the hole for the faucets to be fixed. So they need to be either mounted on the wall behind or can also be placed on the counter.

Drainage System

traditional-kitchen (4)

[Image: Steding Interiors & Joinery]

Drain system allows additional functionality of the countertops by the side of the sink. With the shallow grooves cut into the counter are increased in depth as they come closer to the kitchen sink. This allows you to dry your dishes and the excess water will automatically drain into the sink, which is more practical and function design without stealing the original look of the farmhouse style kitchen.

Materials used 



These sinks are either made of fireclay or porcelain.

Fireclay: These sinks use clay which needs to be heated to extremely high temperatures, which are responsible for the sink’s durability, strength and also high lustre. It is not only easy to clean but is naturally resistant to scratches and chipping.

Porcelain: This material is mostly ceramic and is also heated at very high temperatures, although, it is not as high as fireclay. They are similar in appearance to fireclay but are far less cheap. They are not as durable as their counterparts and are also susceptible to damage by chipping and yellowing.

Copper Finish  

traditional-kitchen (5)

[Image: Venegas & Company]

Some people also prefer to install farmhouse kitchens made of copper. They are available in the hammered finish and sometimes even a coloured patina is applied when the sink is produced. As the time progresses, copper develops a natural layer of patina due to the reaction with different substances that it comes in contact with.

Stainless Steel


[Image: OTM Designs & Remodeling Inc.]

Thanks to their growing popularity, farmhouse styled kitchen sinks is also available in stainless steel. This makes the sink not only affordable but also more durable while much easier to clean. The maintenance is also relatively much easier. By making the sink in stainless steel, you can fit them in a contemporary modern home complementing the country style kitchen.

Fashionable Style


[Image: Jeni Lee]

There are new versions available of the farmhouse sink that are more suitable to the modern times. Unlike the traditional design, this one sits on the countertop and has an inbuilt provision of a hole to install a tap. Due to its contemporary design, it takes away the original and authentic look of the sink but also eliminates the risk of water pouring over the sides, which make it more watertight.

Seal the sink

traditional-kitchen (6)

[Image: Kitchen Capital WA]

The measurements of a fireclay based sink can vary in size from the porcelain based sink. The surface may also be uneven, but these are natural characteristics and must not be treated as flaws. The problem with this trait is that no matter on what surface it sits on, there may be a gap for the water to escape. This is the reason, your farmhouse styled kitchen sink must be properly sealed to avoid this problem, especially around the edges. The countertop should be designed in such a way that the water flows straight into the sink by keeping it far from the edges.

Surface style 

traditional-kitchen (7)

[Image: Den Kitchens Australia]

Although, nothing beats a pure white porcelain sink, they need high maintenance and dirt and grime are inconspicuously visible. However, they are easy to clean so that is not much of a problem.

When you are washing dishes, the sinks can be very noisy and is far less tolerant for items that are dropped into the bowl, than the stainless steel sink. The hard surface of the sink will result in breaking of dishes if they accidently slip from your hands. This is the reason extra care is required when you are doing the dishes.

Design element

traditional-kitchen (8)

[Image: Colleen Bratt]

It is easier to design a kitchen based on farmhouse style sink. However, to install this type of sink in existing layout of the kitchen may be a challenge. The nature of the sink and its corresponding size is an important factor when the cabinets are being designed, which need to be customized to suit the style. The countertop is also different looking than the original one. A professional should be involved to ensure if the changes can be made into your existing cabinets and countertops.

Size Matters

You can also choose the sink with lesser capacity if you are not comfortable with the idea of wasting too much water. The depth of the sink used in traditional designs is very helpful if you have larger dishes, but it also requires more water to fill it than a distinctive sink.

Farmhouse style sinks are a wonderful additional to all kinds of home and can do brilliantly in providing the look that you want, not to mention the functionality.  They are easier to maintain and clean so choose the one that suits your theme perfectly.

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