La Plage Casadelmar Hotel in Corsica, France by Jean-François Bodin

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Stunning and beautiful La Plage Casadelmar Hotel in Corsica, France located on an ocean front area, designed by Jean-Francois Bodin.

Jean-François Bodin is very well known architect from Paris with very good projects credited to his name. This magnificent La Plage Casadelmar Hotel is located on a private beach front in Corsica, France, and is one of the best designs from the architect. While designing the entire hotel, the designer has paid sole attention to bring the best out of natural things and elements. The architecture and design of the interiors have been completed in line with the exotic locales in which the hotel is set.

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The exterior walls of the hotel are mostly in the rugged stone look with wooden platforms and boundaries setting in the right mood. The chairs used are either in white or in accented colors like orange, ensuring the laid back atmosphere is used to the maximum for a leisure filled holiday. The open dining and sitting areas offers panoramic views of the ocean, while the frontal swimming pool with many trees around is the perfect place for a tan or a good read.

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The interiors of the hotel have been completed in line with the exteriors, only for a more posh feeling. There are basic colors like white and gray for most of the parts, but what looks worth millions is accented look with furniture pieces such as ottomans, stools and armchairs. From bright oranges to more classic colors like green and yellow, the shades are just blended in the right way. Wood is also common in use with most of the wardrobes completed in natural dark tones of wood. The lighting is mixed with elements of direct and source lighting thrown in. For those looking for a perfect gateway, this one offers the right options.

Photos by: Serge Detalle

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