Living Room Lighting Ideas

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Lighten up your living area

Planning to fix new lights? You are at just the right place. We have some incredible living room lighting ideas for you. Lighting is as important as anything else in the house. If you don’t have good lights around, the living room can look extremely dull. Here are some things you should consider before you work on the lightings of your house…

Analyse the room - You cannot just put random lights around the living room, you have to analyse which light is required in which area. The central part of the living room needs to have a white bright tube light that can cover up most of the area. You can also go a little fancy and have a huge chandelier right above the sofa set, but that will not provide enough light. Make sure you analyse where all you require the brightest white lights.

Positioning the lights - If you have a rectangle shaped living room, you need to position the lights in a certain manner. If it is long, you need to have lights on all the four sides, the same goes for a large square room. If your living room is small, you can just put two tube lights on the longest walls and small lights on the other two sides. You can get in-depth living room lighting ideas exclusively on our blog section. You can search positioning according to rooms layouts and sizes.

Budget - Check your budget before you jump towards the final setting of lights. These days, fixing lights can be quite expensive especially if you go for yellow spotlights or blue LED ones in special corners. They will cost you a lot while fixing and also when you use them too much. So, if you don’t need fancy lights around the house, you can stick to the basics to save on your budget. In case you have a good budget, you should go ahead and spend on some vintage light pieces. They can enhance the look of your living room! These can also be great décor pieces around the room. Find more living room lighting ideas according to themes in our section.

Area and layout - Like we stated earlier, layout and size matter when you are deciding on the lights in your house. If you have a small living room, you really don’t have to work too much with the lights. You can keep it simple and sophisticated. If you do have a huge area, then you might need to spend more time than you thought on picking the lights because you don’t want any corner to be dark or dull.

You can find countless living room lighting ideas on our official web page. Make sure you pick something that goes with the theme of your living room!

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