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Go all out with lightings!

Outdoor spaces are meant for decorating if you have one. If you have a large garden space, balcony or patio, then you are in luck. You can create a whole cosy vibe outdoors with some marvellous outdoor lighting ideas. These lightings can be used during events, parties and so much more. If you want to know how you can make your outdoor space cosy, we have some ideas you will love. Keep on reading to know some easy tricks to make your outdoor space intimate.

Hanging lamps - You must have seen hanging round lamps from trees and on wires in several fancy outdoor restaurants; you can incorporate this in your house too. These lights look gorgeous in any large garden space with trees. They not only create a romantic set up but are good for get-togethers and parties too. Make sure they are not too high; otherwise, you will not get enough light from them. You can find outdoor lighting ideas on how you can set it according to the lights in our exclusive section. Our detailed outdoor lighting ideas portion will astonish you as we have some great hacks.

Go extravagant - Huge designer lamps are the new trend in town. People often buy big pieces of lights in the shape of stars or hearts during occasions, but you can get these fixed in your outdoor space throughout the year. This will enhance the space and give your entire house lavish attire. You can also fix small spotlights on the stairways of the area. This is yet another grand idea, which could cost you a little but it worth it! Your house will shine and look no less than a celebrities abode.

Keep it basic - Don’t have a huge outdoor space? Well, keep it basic with bulbs or wall lights in the area. This is a good idea for those with balconies in their house. You can spend less this way and fix bright white lights so you don’t need any extra lamps or spotlights in the area. You can put such lights, which have an option of going dim and extra bright. Whenever you are planning to make your balcony or tiny outdoor space cosy, you can dim out the lights and relax.

Go berserk - Are you living alone? Want to convert your outdoor space into a unique, quirky and berserk bachelor’s pad or a party area? You can fix blue LED lights on the platform or under the tables. You can go as crazy as you want but this can go out of budget if you don’t want to spend too much. If you are ready to go all out with the money, this idea is great for you.

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