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Brighten up your beautiful abode!

Lighting is yet another essential part when you are designing your lovely abode. If you want in-depth lighting design ideas, then you can find everything in our special section. There are certain colours, types of lights and areas where you should fix lights. Sometimes, we don’t realise that there are too much or too little lighting in a room. And if you are confused then we are here for you. Read this guide for more…

Colours to put – Colours like white (obviously), blue and yellow work in the house. You can put a yellow light if you are placing spotlights in your living or bedroom for decoration purposes. Blue LED lights are popular too along with white lights. Besides this, we all need to put white lights around the house without fail. So, if you don’t want colours then just stick to the basic lights. You can get more such tips on our lighting design ideas page.

Colours to avoid – When putting LED lights or fancy spotlights in your home, you need to keep away from colours like red, green, orange, etc. You don’t want your house to look like a club or a disco. Why put something that is not providing you good vision in the house?

Where you need extra lights – Places like the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room and garage need extra lighting. These are the major places where you do most your work and you need to put lights here to see everything properly. Low lights can cause vision issues too!

Where minimal light is fine – Your backyard, garden, store room, balcony, etc. doesn’t need too much lighting. You can keep it minimal as there will be mostly street light or the daylight always coming to these places in the house. You can save a little on such areas and add more lights or fancy lights where it is required. Want more tricks like these; our lighting design ideas page has it all.

Consider a budget – Lighting is not cheap these days, you do have to spend a little on it. If you are unable to afford fancy and quirky lightings, then stick to the basic tube lights in every room. They are always needed and every house has them so you don’t have to worry about how it looks. Tube lights provide a high spectrum of light, which is great and you can just fix one or two in small rooms to save on cash! Get budget-friendly lighting design ideas in our exclusive section. You should always check the right spots to put the lights before jumping to a decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our exclusive design ideas space to get all the hacks you need!

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