Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas: 5 ways to light up your living room in the traditional way

One of the main things that a living room decor banks upon is lighting. So, here are a few tips to brighten up your living room and create the ambience that you wish.

There is one room in every house which makes it a home- the living room. This is the room where all the members of the family come down to meet each other after a long tiring day of work. This is the room where fathers and mothers finally get to bond with their children and catch up with their parents after a hustle-bustle of activities throughout the day. This is also the room, where guests are meant to be entertained. If need be, the room needs to be turned into the perfect comfort zone for hanging out with friends as well. Well, that’s a lot of responsibilities to fulfil for a room! However, all of it can be managed just in a jiffy. Wondering how? With the use of the perfect lighting!

It is very important that all the rooms in your house are in sync, that is, if one room is contemporary in style, it will not look good if the others are fashioned in a traditional style. When it comes to beauty and appeal, the traditional way always does the trick. In fact, the theme that you choose for your living room is the one that will dominate the themes of the rest of the rooms. So, you have to put some thought before deciding upon the lighting of your living room.

Here are a few tips which you should keep in mind before taking the final decision-

Before we move on with the tips, it is important to remember that the type of lighting that you choose will actually determine the mood of the room, so you must have a clear idea about exactly what feel you want the room to give.

The ultimate traditional touch: Chandeliers


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There are various ways to add the perfect lighting to your traditional living room, but nothing fits better that chandeliers and that too the crystal ones. The best part about chandeliers is that it can create any mood that you want. May it be a large gathering of friends or a warm evening with your loved ones, these dangling beauties know just how to add the right amount of light. It also lends an overall sophisticated look to the room, which makes it perfect for a formal setting as well. So, if by any chance you run the risk of losing out on living room lighting ideas, then you can always opt for a chandelier- since they always make the safest fit!

It’s time for some work: Task lighting


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Living rooms are not always just for relaxing and lounging with friends and family. More often than not, we find ourselves catching up on our work in the living rooms. If the right kind of lighting is not there, then working would really become a difficulty. You cannot simply give up on the most precious room of the house just because the lighting is improper! In order to overcome this difficulty, make sure that task lights are put in the right places. If you want to have a well-defined working zone, then fill this area up with task lighting. Table lamps and standing lamps too count as task lighting, and these actually come in handy a lot.

Blend it up: the ring chandelier


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Nowadays, with the advent of various types of styles, it sometimes becomes difficult to stick to a particular type of pattern. Suppose if you want to go all traditional, then all your accessories and home decor items should also have the vintage look. It is not always possible for us to arrange our living rooms in that way. So what works best is a blend of both the worlds- the traditional and the contemporary. The ring chandelier has the classic element in it as well as a contemporary glow. The main plus point of this kind of lighting is that you can use it in any room of the house (except, of course, the children’s rooms).

Highlight them with Accent Lighting


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The living room is a place where we showcase the choicest of items as well. We keep pictures of our loved ones, paintings of our favourite artists, souvenirs that we have collected from the places that we have gone to, etc. These are items which we keep in the living room to add to it a special touch of our own, something which makes the room personal. Now, the best way to showcase these items and pictures and even certain corners of the room is with the use of accent lighting. In fact, when one considers bedroom lighting ideas, accent lighting makes a very good option too. These lights add a special ambience to the room, which gives it both an intimate touch as well as the feel of a comfortable lounge.

Make it more intimate with dimmers


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No traditional living room is complete without the use of dimmers. You can use the dimmers to set the perfect mood for a romantic evening or get the light just right for a home party with just a handful of very close friends. You can also enjoy a good movie with your family while munching some popcorn if you get the dimmers. The dimmers switches come really in handy since you can enjoy both a fading light and bright room, as and when you wish. If you want to add a little twist to the entire setting of the room, then you can always go for an orb-shaped chandelier to give your room a surreal effect when you dim the lights.

Before implementing any of those lighting ideas, always keep in mind that the fixtures should be of the correct size. Consult carefully before setting up your choice of lighting.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, armed with this host of information, go ahead and brighten up the most valued room of the house!

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