Lighting the External Staircase – Ideas to Design Staircases Better

series of lights on stair

Smart and unique ideas for designing the external or outer staircase or stairway with lighting solutions.

Exterior staircases leading to the house or to the pavement or garden often requires a little lighting to ensure one doesn’t actually slip off in dark! Not to forget, adding light to staircases often makes the area look stunning and magnificent. In case you have a plan to highlight the exteriors of your home, this is an idea that will make your house look larger and lavish in more ways than one. Check these nifty ideas for designing staircases in the open for a look that sets the mood right!

Single lights on each stair:

Ideas to Design Staircases

[Image Credit: Pinney Designs]

For a close budget and better design, you can choose to add one Led light to the center of each stair and beautify the entire walkway. The good thing is such designs don’t require much of a designer mind and can be done with ease in the smallest price range.

Extended lights on each stair:

extended lights on each stair

[Image Credit: Clemente Design Studio]

If the single light options seems to be too less of a light source, you can add more variety by opting for extended lights. Using extendable Led light designs that start from one end of each stair and ends on another, the look is much more desirable for a designed stairway.

Series of lights on each stair:

series of lights on stair

[Image Credit: Karen Garlanger Designs]

Exterior podiums and many other staircases have large and elongated stairs that can be aptly designed in a series of similar LED bulbs. This idea work best when the stairs are limited but are elongated in the shape.

Along the stairs:

lights along the stairs

[Image Credit: RJK Construction]

Another smart and budget option is to have the lights designed on the railing of the stairs or just along the side of the stairs. This is particularly good when you need to design a staircase where new lights cannot be used in the existing architecture. From using lanterns to regular garden lights, there are numerous budget options that you can try with very little money.

Use the versatile down style lights:

versatile down style lights

[Image Credit: AguaFina Gardens Inernational]

In case your exterior staircase is already designed well and you don’t want to tamper the same, the best thing to do is to look for sophisticated down style lights. These lights are either fixed on additional pillars or along the sideways of the ongoing wall. The good thing is you can show the way to guests and visitors without having made any huge changes in the design.

Large light on the top:

large lights on the top

[Image Credit: John Kraemer]

If the staircase is steep and starts right from the door, a direct light on the top of the door can be an exquisite choice for a low cost. You don’t need to buy new lights but just add one large bulb on the top of the door that will give ample light to all the stairs.

Mixed lighting:

mixed lighting styles

[Image Credit: Studio]

Of course you always have the choice of investing in different styles of lighting, depending on the money you want to spend or the space around the stairs that is available. Even a few lights surrounding the beautiful plants around the stairs can be a good highlight for the exteriors.

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