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101 fantastic storage ideas!

It is a little tedious and challenging to put a lot of storage in the living room, but when you have us and our top notch storage ideas for living room then why worry? No one wants to put tons of cabinets or drawers in their living room because that is the main room on the house. It is the common family room, which should look tidy at all times. If you want some staggering tricks to store things in the living room without making it look messed up, then read on…

Do you have a wall mounted TV set and empty walls around it? Well, here is your open window! Make sleek cabinets around it which are all of a certain colour. This is the best way to store things in the living room. You can get these cabinets fixed on the wall and have them only half way through the wall and not till the high point. These cabinets can be the main highlight of the living room. If your living room has only brown and white colour, then you can add a pop of colour through this tactic. Make the cabinets’ red, blue, green or any colour you want. Make sure they are not too big and look a little stylish plus have space to store inside. We have some amazing ideas like these in our storage ideas living room section.

Make a storage corner! If you have a long or rectangular shaped living room, then you can use one side to put cabinets, drawers, etc. Don’t add storage space anywhere else in the living room except that end. If you have a little extra space near the windows or balcony, then keep that corner as your storage space. Never keep drawers or cupboards near the door or entrance. If you want more storage ideas living room, then you should check out our space without fail.

Do you have quite many showpieces or books? Well, if you have an L-shaped sofa set, then you can make a storage system behind it. You can get cabinets fixed close to the sofa or get them made. Make sure the height is smaller than the sofa, and if you are stuffing in random things then have doors to it so that the mess is hidden. You can have random compartments open to place fancy items in it. This is quite a modern technique to put in storage systems in the living room. We have tons of storage ideas living room, which can help you out. Don’t forget to go through them while redecorating the living area.

If you are looking for more of such smart tricks and hacks then you know just the place to search at!

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