Magnetic Angsana Velavaru Resort in Maldives

Unique Angsana Velavaru Resort in Maldives located around a lagoon with smartly crafted villas on ocean with the best of amenities and luxuries.

The resorts of Maldives are known to be astonishing delights for the visitors, not just for the magnetic locations and destinations, but also for the unparalleled luxury and ambience. Angsana Velavaru is one of the premium resorts of Maldives featuring a dreamlike architectural design bounded by the clear crystal waters and clear skies. The term Velavaru in the national language of Maldives, Dhivehi means ‘turtle island’ and the resort stays true to the name with a unique experience that is seldom found anywhere.

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The resort has an exceptional bunch of villas that are circling the beautiful lagoon and are surrounded by the pristine waters. There are some astounding InOcean Villas, which is new to the region and seems to be just lying suspended on the occasion. The common coconut leaf thatched roofs give the resort a very exotic feeling. There are a few excellent bars and restaurants around for the guests to have a blast.

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Every portion of the resort has panoramic views of the ocean waters around, but it’s the open restaurant areas that draw the maximum attention. For the furniture, the designers of the resort have used wicker, wood and other pieces of modern furniture to ensure proximity to the natural surroundings. The lighting in all villas, rooms and other open areas is all about source lighting in yellow to bring a sharp contrast for the night time. From small lamps to unique and antique styled pendant lights, the lighting is totally for creating the mood.

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Ensuring the best luxuries and amenities for the guests, Angsana Velavaru Resort in Maldives is certainly one of the best places for vacationing. The architecture and design of the house only adds more value!

Photos courtesy of the Angsana Velavaru Maldives

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